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Elite Blog Academy Scam Review

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam? [Honest,Unbiased, Review]

As a Blogger who makes his living online I thought it would be interesting to look into Elite Blog Academy.

Blogging is a huge online money making opportunity that can difficult to break into even for experienced writers.

Now-a-days it seems like people think it’s nearly impossible to make a living or any type of good income from a blog. However that’s simply just not the case.

With the right training, tools, and support anyone can create a blog that will make them money online.

Does Elite Blog Academy provide everything you need to succeed for their hefty price?

Or is there more that you need after joining?

Let’s dive in and learn everything we need to know about EBA!

Elite Blog Academy Scam ReviewElite Blog Academy Review

Product: Elite Blog Academy (EBA)

Creator: Ruth


Price: $797

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam? NO!


What Is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy is seriously exactly what you would think it is.

It’s an elite training course that gives you the proper training, tools, and support that you need to succeed with a blog.

If you know anything about blogging, you know that you can’t just create a website and start writing.

Well you can, but you’ll just be spinning your wheels and essentially just be wasting your time.

So is Elite Blog Academy the solution to making money with a blog, and is it worth the hefty price tag?

Let’s find out!

The Pros And Cons

I always like to list out both the good and bad things about a program to help my readers make a decision.


  • In Depth Training
  • Like Q&As
  • Successful Graduates


  • Hefty Price Tag
  • Only Open Once A Year

Now I’ll take a bit of time go over what exactly I mean with each of the points I made.

The Elite Blog Academy Training

When you sign up for EBA you’ll get access to multiple sections of training.

The course is broken up into 4 different sections called modules,

  • Refine Your Message
  • Grow Your Traffic
  • Monetize Your Platform
  • Build You Business

Elite Blog Academy Modules

and those are divided into a different number of units.

The number of units varies from module to module.

Each module contains varies training videos, and written instructions that walk you through what you need to do!

From everything that I could gather, the training is very in depth and incredibly helpful!

Live Q&As + Support

As someone who was once is the place of most people who are ready this. I can tell you that support is very important.

No matter how in depth a training course is, they cannot properly cover every problem that every member is going to face.

That’s why it’s important to have a place where members can ask questions and get answers.

This is where the live Q&As, Facebook group, and forum come into play.

While I know of programs with better support systems, this one is not the worst I’ve seen.

If you have questions, you should be able to get answers fairly quickly.

Elite Blog Academy’s Successful Graduates

If you’re looking for reviews of Elite Blog Academy, you’ve probably already come across several successful members.

Many of them have already written reviews of the program, and you can get more insight from them.

I also want to point out that these members succeeded because they were willing to put in the work.

This is not a system that you can succeed with if you don’t want to put in the time and effort.

The Hefty Price Tag

This is the major downside and problem that I have with Elite Blog Academy.

If you are wanting to get access to everything that they offer, you’re going to have to shell out $797!

I want to be completely clear and tell you that I absolutely believe that the training that they offer is worth it.

$797 is nothing compared to the amount of money you stand to make if you properly implement the training.

If you aren’t willing to shell out some money for the chance to create a blog that can potentially change your life, then you don’t have the type of commitment it takes to succeed.

With that being said, I completely understand that $797 simply just isn’t possible for some people out there.

If you are one of those people, I suggest checking out This Program, because it’s free to get started, and has a cheap monthly payment for the premium version!

Only Open Once A Year

Elite Blog Academy Scam ReviewIn my opinion, this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

First off, the fact that they only accept a certain number of people means that they truly care about their students succeeding.

However that can make it very difficult for people like yourself to get into the program.

It’s kind of a double edged sword, but I understand why they do it that way.

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam?

If you’re worried about Elite Blog Academy being a scam, you can rest assured that it’s completely legit, and in my opinion a

The only people that could argue that it’s a scam are people who think it’s not worth the money, but I believe it is.

An Alternative To Elite Blog Academy

I want to be completely honest and say that I would not be a successful blogger if EBA was the only training program out there. That’s simply because when I started out online, I couldn’t have afforded it.

While it’s absolutely worth the money, I just didn’t have an entire month’s rent to spare. I was looking to make money online to help pay the rent.

Anyways, I can across My Top Ranked Program, and they helped get me to where I am today. Since joining their community I’ve made enough money to quit my job, and work completely from home.

It’s completely free to get started there, and in opinion they have better training and tools than any other program I’ve ever reviewed.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


What Do You Think About Elite Blog Academy? Leave Me Any Questions Or Concerns In The Comments Below!

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