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Is Niche Site Academy A Scam Or Legit? [2022 Quick Review]

In this quick review of Niche Site Academy, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before pulling out your wallet.

Will It teach you how to make tons of money from a niche website, or are you better off getting training somewhere else?

As some who makes a living online building niche websites, I think I’ll have a lot of helpful insight into training.

So without further ado, let’s jump into it!


Niche Site Academy Review!

Product: Niche Site Academy

Creator: Mike Pearson

Price: $597

Is Niche Site Academy A Scam?: No

Is Niche Site Academy Recommended? Yes


What Is Niche Site Academy?

Niche Site Academy is a training program that teaches you how to create websites centered around a specific niche of your choice, then monetize that website in order to make money.

A niche is essentially a narrowed in subject you’re interested in that you will base your website around.

Some examples of niches can range from badminton and dancing, all the way to archery, sewing, or cleaning your house.

Basically any interest that you can think of, others will be interested in as well, and a website can be made and monetized about it.

This is actually how I’ve made money online for the past 7 years straight.

I even made enough money from it to quit my job and work completely from home.

How Does Niche Site Academy Work?

Like I said above, you’ll pick a niche topic that you’re interested in, build a website based around it and monetize it.

While that sounds incredibly simple, there is a lot more to it than that.

The “secret” to making money online is creating content and getting it out in front of an audience.

Once you get an audience, you can make money in multiple ways including advertisements, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is how I make a majority of my money online, and how you’ll most-likely make your money.

The Pros & Cons

Now that you have a general understanding of what Niche Site Academy is, and how it works, let’s jump into the good and bad things about it.


  • Decent Training
  • Reliable, proven, creator
  • Decent Price


  • Other Expenses Required
  • Training Is Limited
  • Not The Best Support
  • No Free Trial

Throughout the rest of the review I’ll be going further in depth about what exactly I mean with the points listed above.

Who Created Niche Site Academy?

Niche Site Academy was founded by an affiliate marketer named Mike Pearson.

Mike created and runs a website called Stupid Simple SEO, which essentially revolves around using Search Engine Optimization to get traffic to your website.

In my opinion, SEO is the best and most reliable way to get visitors to your website and to ultimately make money.

Mike has another course that has proved to help many other marketers find success with their affiliate websites through SEO.

All of the things above paint a pretty good picture of Mike, and seem to make him a trustworthy person to get training from.

The Niche Site Academy Training

There are 12 training modules included with NSA, as well as several bonuses on top of that.

Let’s go over the modules and breakdown what they each cover.

Module 1: The Niche Site Model

This module gives a very basic overview of how niche websites work, and the difference between them and traditional blogs.

It covers driving traffic, monetization, and the types of content you’ll be adding to your blog.

Module 2: Finding a Niche (Part 1)

This is the first of 3 modules that cover the topic of choosing a niche.

Part 1 covers the basics of what Mike looks for in a niche, and the tools that can be used to help.

Module 3: Finding a Niche (Part 2)

Finding a niche part 2 goes in depth about how to do market research and determine which niches are good and which ones aren’t great.

Module 4: Finding a Niche (Part 3)

Now that you know how to tell the difference between a good niche and a bad niche, you’ll learn to differentiate between a good one and a great one.

It’s time to settle on the niche you’ll dedicate all of your time on.

Module 5: How To Setup Your Niche Site

This module gets into the specifics of creating your website through the use of WordPress.

It also gives details about themes, colors, and designing a logo.

This is a very basic overview of setting up a website with WP.

Module 6: Site Structure

This covers the structure of your website.

Setting up your website in a user friendly way, that’s easy to navigate is a very important aspect of having a successful blog.

This section covers setting up menus, categories and other aspects of website structure.

Module 7: Keyword Research

Learning the proper way to do keyword research is imperative to succeeding online.

Mike teaches how to find keywords to target, and plan out content around them.

Module 8: Content Preparation

The content on your website is the backbone of your blog, and is the most important factor in determining your success.

This module covers how much content you need, how long each post should be, and the types of posts that Mike recommends you stick to.

Module 9: Content Research

This section outlines the six research techniques that Mike uses to find content ideas and writing posts.

Module 10: Content Creation

There are 12 lessons covering content creation included within this module.

These lessons delve into the vast topic that is creating content on your blog.

Module 11: Content Optimization

You’ll learn how to optimize your content within WordPress to create the best and most useful content.

Module 12: Niche Site Monetization

Here you’ll learn the different ways that you can monetize your website and your individual posts.

My Thoughts On Niche Site Academy

When it comes down to it, Niche Site Academy is a good training course that breaks down the process of creating and running a niche website.

It’s created by someone who has experience, and found success with multiple websites.

The training is well put together, and covers all of the basics that are needed to get started in the niche blog world.

While it does have some pit falls such as the additional expenses needed for tools, it’s relative low amount of training, and the fact that it relies on a Facebook group for further support.

I do believe a lot of the information provided can be found on YouTube and other places, however it gives a good structure with all of the information in one place.

If you’re a beginner in the blog creation world, I think Niche Site Academy is a decent choice for getting started.

How Does It Compare To My Top Ranked Training

NSA is a good training program that I believe a lot of beginning marketers will get a lot of use out of.

However there are several places where it doesn’t quite meet up to my top ranked program!

My Top Ranked Program has hundreds of training videos, with more being added everyday.

The online marketing world is constantly changing and they will help you keep up to date with everything that you need to know.

It also includes all tools needed to succeed which means that there are no additional expenses on top of the membership price.

Not to mention it is free to get started, so you can see what you’re getting before even pulling out your wallet.

Is Niche Site Academy A Scam Or Legit?

NSA is definitely a legitimate training program that will help you learn how to build and make money from niche websites.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online training programs, most of them are scams, however Niche Site Academy is not one of them.

The $597 price tag is a fair price for what you get, and the only places you’ll find a better price are places like My Top Program that offer lower monthly payments.


While I don’t think Niche Site Academy is the best place to learn how to build niche websites I do think it’s a great resource.

Thank you for reading my review.

I hope you were able to find the information that you were looking for within this review.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Wealthy Affiliate

Is Blogging Fast Lane A Scam Or Legit? (2022 Quick Review)

Blogging Fast Lane Review

In this quick review of Blogging Fast Lane, I’ll be going over whether I think it’s a scam or a legitimate program.

Is it really worth the $697 price tag, or are you just going to be wasting your money if you purchase it?

It’s especially important to do your due diligence before purchasing an online money making training program since there are so many scams out there.

So reading this review is the first step in the right direction, so let’s get started.

Blogging Fast Lane Review!

Product: Blogging Fast Lane


Creator: Tom & Anna

Price: $697 + other expenses

Is Blogging Fast Lane A Scam? NO!


What Is Blogging Fast Lane?

Blogging Fast Lane is a training program created by a couple of travel bloggers named Tom and Anna.

It’s an 8-week online training program that walks you through the steps of creating a successful blog that has the potential to bring you in thousands of dollars per month.

Making thousands of dollars per month with a blog might seem a bit out of reach.

However, as someone who makes enough money online to work from home, I can tell you that it’s not as out of reach as you might think.

The internet is a huge place, and there is a lot of money to be made if you utilize it properly.

But is Blogging Fast Lane the best place to learn how to succeed online?

Blogging Fast Lane Pros & Cons

Alright, let’s take a minute to go over both good and bad things I could come up with for The Blogging Fast Lane.


  • Created by established successful bloggers
  • Free Webinar
  • Good Training
  • Definitely Legitimate


  • High Price Of Entry
  • No Free Trial
  • Not As Much Training As Other Options

Now that I’ve listed out the pros and cons, I’ll be going more in depth about them over these next few sections,

but first, let’s talk a bit about the creators.

Who Created The Blogging Fast Lane?

Tom And Anna are a couple of travel bloggers who originally struggled to make notable amounts of money with their blog.

They made the same basic mistakes that most people make when they first start a blog.

However after taking several courses, they were able to go from making little money to now making $30,000 + every single month.

After learning what works and what doesn’t, they decided to make a training course to help other avoid the mistakes they originally made.

To me, Tom and Anna seem like great people who genuinely want to help other achieve their dreams!

The Blogging Fast Lane Training!

Now it’s time to get into what’s most important about any online training program, the training it’s self.

What do you get when you purchase Blogging Fast Lane?

  • 8 Week Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Training Program
  • Workbooks and Templates
  • Access to Blogging Fast Lane Community
  • Live Q&A Calls with Mentors
  • Fast Lane Road Map
  • 7 Day Blogging Fast Lane Launch Plan
  • WordPress Made Simple Videos
  • Blog Branding Kickstarter Pack
  • Pinterest Explosion Bonus Lessons + Book
  • Time Hacking Strategies
  • Business Blogging Templates + Resourses
  • Secret Fast Lane Affiliate Black Book
  • Lifetime Access To Everything

The training covers all of the major things you need to know before creating a successful blog.

The 8 Week Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Training Program

Let’s take a bit of time to go over what you’ll learn throughout the 8 week training course.

Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator contains 73 training videos over 8 modules with step-by-step instructions.

Here are the Modules:

Week #1: Transform Your Mindset to a #FastLaneBlogger and Discover How To Profit From Your Passions.

Week #2: Learn The Principles Behind Successful Affiliate Marketing

Week #3: Become an Affiliate Master and Generate Passive Income

Week #4: Learn How To Build an Authority Fortress and Create Incredibly Content

Week #5: Take A Deep Dive into SEO and Learn to Optimize Like a Pro

Week #6: Fuel Your SEO Strategy and Skyrocket Your Traffic

Week #7: Learn How to Build an Engaged Community Using Trust Marketing

Week #8: Automating and Launching Your Affiliate Machine

My Personal Thoughts About The Blogging Fast Lane

In my opinion, The Blogging Fast Lane is a good training program for people who are interested in starting a successful blog.

The creators genuinely seems great, and the training and resources are good as well.

With that being said; there are a few things you should consider before pulling out your wallet.

The Price

$697 is a pretty hefty amount of money to shell out for a training program, especially before getting a chance to try it out.

While I do think the price is worth it. It might not be the best option for someone who isn’t 100% dedicated to blogging. Or for someone who is still unsure whether they even like blogging enough to succeed at it.

No Free Trial

While there is a free webinar that gives you a decent amount of information before purchasing the system. You are not able to try out the training before purchasing it.

However there is a 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Which is pretty awesome!

Additional Costs, and Lack Of Tools

It’s also important to keep in mind that Blogging Fast Lane is just a training program. You’ll have to also spend money on other tools, and services to get your blog started and keep it running.

Compared To My Top Ranked Program

The three issues I listed out above are all things that I find The Blogging Fast Lane lacking in comparison to some other programs.

MY TOP RANKED PROGRAM has a free trial that allows you to get started without even pulling out your wallet. It has a low monthly payment that can be cancelled at any time if you decide blogging isn’t for you. And it also has all of the tools you need included in the monthly fee, so there are no additional costs!

Is Blogging Fast Lane A Scam Or Legit?

The Blogging Fast Lane is a 100% legitimate training program, that can help you create a successful blog.

Tom and Anna seem like legitimately great people who are simply interested in helping people create successful blogs that they love.

Blogging Fast Lane is a good option to any beginners who are looking to get their foot into the blogging and affiliate marketing world.

If you have the extra funds to meet the price tag, and are certain that blogging is for you, then I think Blogging Fast Lane is a good choice.

However, if you’re tight on funds, think you might need a bit of extra support, and aren’t exactly sure if blogging is for you, then I suggest checking out My Top Ranked Program!

What I Recommend!

Thanks to My Top Recommended Program I was able to make enough money from my blog to quit my day job and work completely from home.

Being able to choose my own work schedule, take days off when I want, and still make money is a truly incredible thing.

They give you access to all of the training, tools, and support you could ever need to succeed online.

It’s completely free to get started, and if you decide to stick around it’s only a small monthly fee to continue.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can Click Here To Learn More!

If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, Feel Free To Leave Them In The Comments Below!

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review – My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

Overall Ranking: 9.8 out of 10
Price: $0 for Starter Membership, $49 for Premium Membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson

Why is it my #1 Recommendation?

Let me first start out by saying that yes, I am bias when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s because they are the only online program that has gotten me to the money making part of an online business.

I tried plenty of the other programs before finding it, and let me tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best, most supportive, and comprehensive program when it comes to making an online business.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was incredibly easy, and that there is nothing to it, because that would be a lie.  The work is not hard, anybody can do it, but it takes plenty of perseverance, effort and support.

When I started out, I worked a full time job, went to school part time, and still found the time to put in enough work to get to the money making part.  I simply found an extra hour either early in the morning, or late at night everyday, and that was enough to get me to where I am today.

Which is why I know for a fact that anybody can do this with the support of their amazing community.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform and community that has incredibly comprehensive step-by-step training videos and detailed training guides.

It is also an amazing community of like-minded individuals who are all working together to achieve success online.

The community is constantly active with extremely successful affiliate marketers who want nothing more than to help beginners break into the world of online money making!

This program has so many features and tools that I can’t put them all in this section so you will have to keep reading in order learn more.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is simply making money by promoting other people’s products and services.

For example, Amazon, Apple and essentially any other business will pay you to get people to purchase their products.

They have affiliate programs that you can sign up for and when you get someone to purchase their products through a link that they give you, you’ll earn a commission.

Earning Potential

Before jumping into everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers, I want to show you guys some proof of the potential earnings you can achieve by following the training that they offer at WA.

These next few screen shots were taken straight from posts other members created within the community to celebrate the money that they have made by following the training!

Those are just a few of the success stories that are posted everyday within the community!

I’m not going to sit here and say that every person who joins Wealthy Affiliate makes this much money, only the ones who put in the time and hard work do!

Taking it for a FREE SPIN!Wealthy Affiliate

When I first heard of Wealthy Affiliate I was a little skeptical of it, but I decided to give their FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP a try, and I haven’t looked back since.  The best part about the free membership is that it does not have a time limit on it whatsoever, and it offers a truly great value that you can use to actually start making money.

With WA’s starter membership you get 2 free WordPress Websites that are hosted on their reliable servers for free.  You can do anything you want with these websites, and you get access to a 10-step comprehensive training that will show you how to set up, build out, and start earning money from your websites.

Another amazing perk that you get with the starter membership is the unlimited access to an amazing community of online marketers, who all are willing to help you.  You can simply post a question, and I promise you that several people will answer you almost immediately.

When you sign up, you don’t have to put in any credit card information, so you don’t have to worry about a random charge to your account on your next statement.

With WA’s FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP you get everything listed above, for an unlimited amount of time as you walk through the steps of creating an online business. 

Is the 10-Step training helpful?

Let me tell you, setting up your first website is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world, and with the 10-step course they completely walk you through everything that it takes to get your website ready to bring in money.

Here is what the training looks like…

10-Step Training

Each of these individual lessons has step-by-step instructions, videos, and an area where you can ask any question and get an immediate answer from another member.  The question asking area is the perfect way to insure that you can get past anything that you might get stuck on.

I’m not going to go into much more detail than that, because you can literally begin the first lesson for completely free in a matter of seconds from now and all you have to do is join the community for free.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Completely Free!

Support and Community

This is the main attribute that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from any other online money making strategy.  The community is full of like minded individuals who all work together to create amazing websites, and to support each other through all of the difficulties that are faced while working online.

The group is incredibly welcoming; I was sent several messages welcoming me to the group and offering me support the very first day that I joined, that is something that you will not find anywhere else.

The most amazing thing is that Kyle, the cofounder is available anytime to ask questions, and get support from as well. I’ve personally taken advantage of this.

There are also several support systems put in place to get you the answer to any question that you could possibly have.  If you end up getting stuck on something, or just simply have something that you would like to know, you can type in a question at the top of the page, and you will immediately see if the question was already asked and answered, or your question will be posted and another member will answer it for you.

It’s a pretty incredible community!

If you Join Wealthy Affiliate Through This Link, or any other link on this page I will be notified, and I’ll send you a message the first chance I get.

That way you’ll have full access to ask me any questions and get full support from me personally!

Training and Tools

These are a few of the several trainings and tools that you get access to when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Comprehensive Video Training and Tutorials
  • Organized Classrooms on individual topics
  • Weekly Live Training Classes
  • Keyword Tool
  • Unlimited Cloud Hosting for Premium Members
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates
  • Thousands of Training Modules
  • Over 30,000 features available for your websites
  • Interactive Discussions

You won’t find this amount of training and tools anywhere else!

Give Wealthy Affiliate a Free Spin!

Constantly Growing Training

Staff and Members are constantly creating new comprehensive training everyday that can be accessed at Wealthy Affiliate. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of these within the community and new ones are being created every single day.  Each of these can be accessed at anytime of the day, whenever you are ready to learn.

I continue to go through the new training and get help with every aspect of online marketing.

Weekly live webinars are created so that the you can always make sure that you are up to date with any new tips, tricks and techniques that can be used in the online marketing world.

I personally utilize the live training every week to make sure that I stay up to date with what is going on.  Not to mention, if I can’t make it to the live showing, all of them are recorded and available to be accessed at anytime I want.

Easily Create Websites

Creating a website is one of the things that made me the most nervous about starting out in the online marketing world. I always thought that you had to have a bunch of knowledge about coding, and design, but the truth is, you don’t need any of that.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it incredibly easy to create, and setup a website.  They have over 2,400 beautifully designed website templates to choose from.  You just choose which one you like, click on it, and simply hit create.  It does all of the work for you, and throughout the training they teach you how to customize it and make it your very own.

All of the sites created at Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • One-click Setup
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Allow you to Promote any products you want
  • Will rank high in search engines
  • Ad Free
  • 100% Free

Any website that you create is 100% yours to use in any kind of way that you want. You can add whatever content you want, customized the appearance in any way that you want, and you don’t have do anything special to get them.  The only thing that you have to do is sign up for the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP!

The Honest Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

It’s important for you to realize that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a training program.

They give all of the training, tools, and support you need to succeed online, however it is ultimately up to you to do the work.

Not everyone who joins the community succeeds, only the people who put in the work and never give up do.

In my opinion, the most important thing you need to understand when starting out is that it takes time.

Don’t put in a little work in the beginning and give up after a month because you haven’t made any money.

It will take some time to start making money, but once you make that first dollar, it will continue to grow from there.

For me it started with a couple of bucks in a month, then it went up to a hundred bucks, then a few hundred bucks until I finally started making thousands.

If I had given up before making that first dollar, I would still be working 40 hours a week at a job that that I didn’t even like.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership, and a $49 a month premium membership.

Is It Worth It?

When it comes down to it, I 100% believe that Wealthy Affiliate is…

Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re a person who is willing to put in the work, and follow the simple steps, you will never regret joining the community.  The best part is the opportunity to try the free membership and get 2 free websites, and full insight into the group so that you can make the decision yourself about whether it is worth it or not.


To read hundreds of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Click Here

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, Please Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

What Is The Dosh App? Is It A Scam Or Legit? [Full Review]

What Is The Dosh App?

In this full review of the Dosh App I’ll be going into everything you need to know about it.

I’ll be telling you exactly what it is, how it works, and if I think it’s a scam or not.

Is it really as great as it seems?

Let’s dive in and find out!

What Is The Dosh App?The Dosh App Review

Product: The Dosh App

Website: Click Here To Visit

Price: Free To Join

Is The Dosh App A Scam? NO!

Is The Dosh App Recommended? YES!

What Is The Dosh App?

The Dosh AppDosh is a cashback app for your phone and other devices that allows you to get money back from everyday purchases.

They have several stores, restaurants and other businesses that participate in their program, and you’ll get cash back if you make purchases with them.

All you do is attach a credit card, and you’ll earn cash back from various places that you shop at without even having to think about it!

As of right now, Dosh is my favorite cashback app due to it’s simplicity, which I will be getting more into detail about shortly.

How It Works

Like I said, the Dosh app is incredibly simple to use. In this section I’ll be going over the four main ways that you can earn money.

  • In-Store Purchases
  • Online Purchases
  • Travelling/Hotels
  • Sharing Dosh With Friends

Automatic Cash back On In-Store Purchases

Dosh App StoresIn my opinion this is one of the best things about the Dosh App, and what sets it apart from many other cashback apps out there.

Inside the app you will be able to view various offers being run by local stores in your area. When you make purchases with a card linked to your account, you will automatically get cash back.

This is much better than most cash back apps due to the fact that you don’t have to scan or upload receipts which can be quite annoying.

Another thing to note is that it doesn’t only work at stores, it can also be used at many fast food places and eat-in restaurants!

Earn $5 For Just Linking A Card!

One cool thing they offer right now is the fact that if you simply download the app, and link a credit card to your account, you’ll earn $5!

I honestly can’t think of an easier way to make five bucks. Not to mention the fact that you’ll start accumulating cash back as you use that card everyday!

If you haven’t already, you can…


(It might be a different amount when you read this, but it never hurts to check!)

Cash Back On Online Purchases

If you are someone who does a lot of online shopping you can also benefit by getting cash back through Dosh.

Within the app you’ll be able to scroll through tons of companies that will give you cash back when you shop through Dosh.

All you have to do is find an offer that you’re interested in, click the “shop now” button, and you be able to earn some money back.

These offers come from some larger companies such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Under Armour, and Gap, as well as hundreds of other small businesses.

Most of the offers give you 3%-7.5% off on your entire purchases, while some of them range up to the 10% to 15%.

Cash Back While Traveling

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you just have a vacation coming up, you might be able to take advantage of some cash back from hotels and other activities as well.

As of the time I’m writing this review Dosh is offering $25 for booking your first hotel and completing a stay. That might change, but it can’t hurt to download the app and check.

You simply search for the city your traveling to, fill out some other information like the dates, and number of people.

Then you’ll be able to search through a bunch hotels, see exactly how much it will cost per night, and how much you’ll earn back each night!

The best part is that it seems to have offers all over the place, not just popular destinations or large cities.

I live in a small city that nobody ever hears about, and there were offers at just about every hotel near me!

Referral Program

Dosh App Referral ProgramAnother cool way they allow you to make money is by referring your friends to Dosh!

Within the app you are able to get a referral link that is unique to you, and if someone joins through that link you can earn money.

The amount of money seems to change quite a bit, but it is normally $5 for each friend that you get to join up, link a card, and earn cash back.

It seems as though they will be running random promotions that pay more per friend seeing as right now (February 20th 2018) they are paying $10 per person!

I suggest sharing your link all over social media, through texts, and any other place you can get it out in front of people!

Problems & Complaints

Let’s go over some of the problems and complaints that I’ve seen and heard from various users over the internet.

Credit & Debit Card Information

When I first heard about Dosh I was super excited about it, and started talking about it to my family members. Once I mentioned the fact that I had to enter in my credit card information they got a little weary.

A few of them even said that they wouldn’t use the app because of that simple fact. It seems that some people online have a problem with it as well.

In their FAQs they state that they use “bank-level encryption” on all transactions, and they don’t store any passwords, credit or debit card information, or bank account information in the app or on their servers.

With that being said, if you aren’t comfortable putting in your credit card information in exchange for the ease of not having to scan or upload receipts you can always use other cash back apps.

Technical Issues

Reading through various complaints on the Google App Store I saw plenty of complaints about the app not working well.

There were various complaints from people claiming that they never received cash back for some purchases that they made, to people who simply couldn’t get the app to work.

Personally I haven’t had either of those problems with the app.

In my experience, most apps have several complaints about technical issues, but for the most part it seems to work fine for most people.

Must Use Credit Not Debit

One thing that I’ve seen cause some problems is the fact that it only works with credit cards. This means that you have to run your debit cards through as credit.

Some people seem to miss that, and don’t get credit for their purchases when they use their pin.

I tend to find that a bit annoying sometimes because I frequently like to get cash back from my debit card when I checkout at stores.

However I can almost just as easily find an ATM to withdraw cash from.

Is The Dosh App A Scam Or Legit?

I honestly don’t think there is anyway to consider The Dosh App a scam.

In my opinion it is one of the best cash back apps out there right now, and I plan on using it on a daily basis from here on out!


The main problem that I’ve always had with cash back apps is the fact that I simply never took the time to scan or upload my receipts, but now I don’t have to.

After attaching my credit cards I simply just automatically make cash back without even thinking about it.

Sometimes I’ll look through the offers before going out, just to see if there are any places with particularly awesome deals running, but for the most part I just shop like normal, and earn extra cash.

If you are interested in joining up and earning some cash back you can…


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What Is Quest Mindshare? Will You Make Good Money? [Review]

What Is Quest Mindshare

If you are trying to find out exactly what Quest Mindshare is, and wondering if you can really make money online with it, then you are in the right place.

Within this review I’ll be giving you everything you need to know about it, and telling you if I think it’s worth your time and effort.

What Is Quest MindshareQuest Mindshare Review

Product: Quest Mindshare


Price: Free To Join

Can You Make Money? Yes

Is Quest Mindshare Recommended? To Some (I’ll Explain)


What Is Quest Mindshare?

Quest Mindshare is a market research company that will pay you to give them your opinion about various things.

They will then get paid to give the information that you provided them to various other companies.

Companies are interested in this in formation because they will be able to use it to better their products and services.

So, basically they are a survey website where you can get paid to take surveys.

Should You Join Quest Mindshare?

As you may already know, there are a whole lot of website out there that will pay you for your opinion.

So is there any thing that stands out about Quest Mindshare that should lead you to join them over others?

As it turns out there are both some positives and negatives about them that you need to be aware of.

Let’s go over some of those.


The Pros And Cons

What Is Quest MindsharePros:

  • Use Cash Not Points
  • Pays Higher Than Many Other Survey Websites
  • High Paying Music Surveys


  • Lack Of Surveys
  • Get Disqualified From Surveys
  • Still Not Enough Pay

Over the next couple of sections I’ll be going further in depth about what exactly I mean with each of these points.

How Quest Mindshare Stands Out!

What Is Quest Mindshare?

When it comes to survey websites, most of them are generally the same, and it doesn’t matter which one you sign up for.

However there are a few things that makes Quest Mindshare stand out above the others.

One of the main things I like about them is that they simply offer you cash instead of points.

Many survey sites out there will give you (x) amount of points for each survey that you take.

So you don’t really know how much money you are making unless you do a little bit of math.

However QM tells you the exact amount of cash you’ll get before you do the survey, and you get the money when you’re done with it.

Another thing that I really liked about them is the fact that they seem to pay more than most other sites.

$5 for a 10 – 20 minute survey is actually a rare thing to come across in survey websites.

However there were quite a few that I came across while testing them out.

The last and most exciting thing about them is that they offer high paying music rating surveys!

These aren’t incredibly common, however when you get one you can make up to $90!

However from what I can tell, they normally take about 2 hours, and are often times around $40 payouts.

However that is still impressive when compared to other survey websites.

The Downside Of Quest Mindshare!

While there is a lot to like about QM, there are still some not-so-good things that need to be pointed out as well.


Lack Of Surveys

First off, even though there surveys pay decent amounts, that doesn’t help much if you can’t get a survey to take at all.

Get Disqualified From Surveys

It’s also a common complaint to be disqualified from surveys before you get to take them.

Still Not Enough Pay

Even though $5 is certainly a good amount of pay for 10 – 20 minutes of work, its still not enough money if you don’t get enough of them, or get disqualified from the ones you do get.

Going Downhill

A common theme I saw repeated by members is the fact that they seem to be going downhill. Many members have complained that they are getting less and less surveys, worth less and less money.

What Is Quest Mindshare? Will You Make Good Money?

Overall, Quest Mindshare seems to be a fairly good online survey website, that can help you make some money online.

Most of the complaints about them are the same complaints that I’ve for just about every other survey website out there.

If you want to make a little bit of extra spending money in your spare time, Quest Mindshare seems like a decent place to do it.

However if you are wanting to make more than pocket change online, I have a suggestion for you.

My Top Ranked Program has helped me build up and online income that has allowed me to quit my job, and work completely from home.

It takes more work and time than surveys do, however it can be done by anyone who’s willing to put in the work.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


What Is Quest Mindshare? Is It A Good Place To Make Money Online? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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Is Spare5 A Scam? Or Will You Really Make Money? [Review]

Spare5 Scam Review

There are a lot of scam programs out there that claim to pay you for tasks, but then they don’t. Is Spare5 one of those scams, or is it one of the legit ones?

Spare5 Scam ReviewSpare5 Review

Product: Spare5


Price: Free To Join

Is Spare5 A Scam? NO!

Is Spare5 Recommended? To Some


What Is Spare5?

Spare5 is a GPT (Get Paid To) website and app that allows you to get paid to do various tasks for them.

Various companies like Microsoft, IBM, and many others pay them for collecting information from it’s users like you.

The information that you give them will be used to help train programs and algorithms to understand certain things about language, images, videos and other things.

The Pros And Cons

Spare5 AppLet’s list out some of the good and bad things about Spare5, to make it easier for you to decide if it’s worth your time.


  • It’s a Legitimate company
  • Simple To Do
  • Can be done in a few spare minutes
  • Iphone App


  • They Don’t Pay Much

Over the next few section I’ll go a little further into details about the points I listed above.

Getting Started

How Spare5 WorksIt’s very simple to sign up and create an account. You can sign up through your favorite social media accounts or simply by using your email address.

After creating an account and password you’ll have to answer some questions about yourself.

These are basic questions like your age, gender and where you live. They will help them match you up with tasks that are good for you.

You’ll earn $0.10 for answering those simple questions.

After you’re done you’ll be giving a handful of tasks that you can get started with.

The Tasks

According to Spare5, you’ll be mainly completing 4 different types of tasks.

The 4 types of tasks you’ll be completing are:

Is Spare5 A Scam?

Assess Language

Listening to an audio file and describing the meaning, contents, attitude, or contents.

Annotate Images

Looking at an image and dividing it into various sections and describing whats in it. It’s similar to tagging friends in pictures on Facebook.

Isolate Elements

Looking at images and selecting the edges of elements to isolate them from the rest of the picture.

Provide Keywords

Looking at images and coming up with keywords that describe the elements within it.

At the end of the day, these tasks are simple to understand, easy to do, and don’t take much time.

How Much Money You’ll Make

This is basically the one and only problem that I’ve seen people have with Spare5.

The fact is that you simply aren’t going to make much money be completing these tasks.

Spare5 isn’t going to help you make a living online, however if you want to make a few extra bucks in your spare time it’s perfect for that.

Looking through some of the tasks I was given, most of them were only worth a few cents.

Is Spare5 A Scam?

When it comes to GPT websites, Spare5 is absolutely not a scam, and it one of the better ones out there!


If you are looking to make a few extra bucks in your spare time, then you are the exact person that Spare5 was created for.

Some other good GPT websites out there include: Level Rewards, Earnhoney, and SwagBucks. However my favorite thing to do is to get paid to shop with The Dosh App!

However if you are someone who is looking to make more money online, there are simply better ways to do it.

How I Make Money Online

If you are someone who is interested in putting in more time and effort in order to make more money online, you might want to listen up.

I started making enough money online to quit my job, and I now work entirely online from home.

Anyone can do what I do as long as they are willing to work for it, and they have access to the proper training, tools, and support.

You can get started for free with all three of those things in the same place I get them from.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


What Do You Think About Spare5? Leave Any Questions Or Concerns In The Comments Below!

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Is Contena A Scam Or Worth It? Let’s Find Out! [Review]

Is Contena A Scam?

If you’re thinking about joining Contena, and are wondering if it’s a good place to find freelance work, you’re in the right place.

In this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about Contena, and answering the question “is Contena a scam?”

Is Contena A Scam?Contena Review

Product: Contena

Creator: Kevin Fleming


Price: $100/month

Is Contena A Scam? No!

Is Contena Recommended? Depends


What Is Contena About?

Contena is basically a membership website that freelance writers can join to help find work.

It’s essentially a hub that allows you to search through their archives and find job opportunities.

If you are serious about becoming a freelance writer Contena may be a good place for you to find work.

However there are several things that I’ll be pointing out in this review that you should know before making the decision to join.

The Pros And Cons

It always seems to be helpful for my readers when I list out both the good and bad things about a program in the same place.

Contena Pros:

  • $100 Monthly Fee
  • Great Training Course
  • Mediation
  • Customer Support


  • $100 Monthly Fee
  • Relatively New

Now I’ll take some time to go over what I mean with each of these points.

The $100 Monthly Fee

Depending on who you are, and your situation this can either be considered a pro or a con.

What do I mean?

Well there are other websites out there that offer similar services without a monthly fee.

However these websites will charge you a percentage of every job that they set you up with.

For example, you could get a job that pays you $200 but they’ll get $40, of that because you used their service.

So the $100 monthly fee might seem like a lot for someone who’s only making a few hundred bucks a month writing.

However someone who is making $2,000 a month writing would benefit from paying just 100 bucks instead of a 20% charge.

Contena Academy

Is Contena A Scam?At first glance I was going to recommend Contena only to experienced writers who know what they are doing.

Mainly because those are the people who would benefit from simply paying a monthly fee.

However, I realized that they have a training program that will teach beginners the ins and outs of being a freelance writer.

Contena Academy is included with your monthly fee, and will teach you about writing, getting gigs, creating portfolios and many other things you need to know.

As of right now they have 7 modules that include training videos, written lessons, and other downloadable materials.

Personally I think this is great, and will make the $100 worth it for many beginners out there!


This is something that just might come in handy at some point in your freelance endeavors.

There are times when a job might not go so well and you’ll need someone to help you figure it out.

For example, if there is a disagreement or misunderstanding and the client doesn’t want to pay you, Contena will help solve the problem.

This never happens if you make money online like I do!

Any other time, if whoever hired you isn’t happy, they can simple not pay you and disappear.

To prevent that from happening they require job posters to put money into an escrow account before the job.

So if they don’t want to pay you, Contena can then help resolve the issue without you automatically losing your time and money!

Customer Support

This is once again another thing that many newbies will find helpful within the Contena Community.

There is always a customer support associate available for you to ask questions to 24/7.

They are there to help ensure that you are able to find work, and help you with anything you might need help with.

Who I Recommend Contena To

I Contena A Scam?

If I was asked if I recommend Contena or not, I would simply have to answer “it depends.”

That’s because Contena is good for certain people, and not so good for others.

If you are just starting out, and don’t plan on dedicating much time to freelance writing, then you won’t want to pay the $100 monthly fee.

However if you are an experienced writer who plans on dedicating a lot of time to this, you’ll benefit from the simple $100 fee.

Another person who might benefit from Contena is a newbie who wants to learn, and is dedicated to spending a good amount of time doing that.

If you’re just starting out, and want to learn the ropes, then Contena Academy might just be for you!

Is Contena A Scam? – Conclusion

Hopefully by this point you have realized that Contena is definitely not a scam.

The only people who might call it that are the ones who think the $100 monthly fee makes it a rip off.

However that is something that’s up to you to decide.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough information about it to help you decide whether it is for you or not!

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What I Recommend!

I actually make my living online as a writer, however I’m not a freelance writer. I write for myself.

I like to think that most freelance writers out there would love to simply make a living writing for themselves, and about whatever they want.

Well that’s what I do, and that’s what you could be doing too.

Most people seem to think that it’s impossible to start a blog and actually make money from it, but that’s simple false.

I started back in 2015, and I now make a living blogging.

Anyone can succeed at it, as long as they get access to the proper training, tools and support.

You can get started for free with all three of those things, in the same place I get them from.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


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Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam? [Honest,Unbiased, Review]

Elite Blog Academy Scam Review

As a Blogger who makes his living online I thought it would be interesting to look into Elite Blog Academy.

Blogging is a huge online money making opportunity that can difficult to break into even for experienced writers.

Now-a-days it seems like people think it’s nearly impossible to make a living or any type of good income from a blog. However that’s simply just not the case.

With the right training, tools, and support anyone can create a blog that will make them money online.

Does Elite Blog Academy provide everything you need to succeed for their hefty price?

Or is there more that you need after joining?

Let’s dive in and learn everything we need to know about EBA!

Elite Blog Academy Scam ReviewElite Blog Academy Review

Product: Elite Blog Academy (EBA)

Creator: Ruth


Price: $797

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam? NO!


What Is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy is seriously exactly what you would think it is.

It’s an elite training course that gives you the proper training, tools, and support that you need to succeed with a blog.

If you know anything about blogging, you know that you can’t just create a website and start writing.

Well you can, but you’ll just be spinning your wheels and essentially just be wasting your time.

So is Elite Blog Academy the solution to making money with a blog, and is it worth the hefty price tag?

Let’s find out!

The Pros And Cons

I always like to list out both the good and bad things about a program to help my readers make a decision.


  • In Depth Training
  • Like Q&As
  • Successful Graduates


  • Hefty Price Tag
  • Only Open Once A Year

Now I’ll take a bit of time go over what exactly I mean with each of the points I made.

The Elite Blog Academy Training

When you sign up for EBA you’ll get access to multiple sections of training.

The course is broken up into 4 different sections called modules,

  • Refine Your Message
  • Grow Your Traffic
  • Monetize Your Platform
  • Build You Business

Elite Blog Academy Modules

and those are divided into a different number of units.

The number of units varies from module to module.

Each module contains varies training videos, and written instructions that walk you through what you need to do!

From everything that I could gather, the training is very in depth and incredibly helpful!

Live Q&As + Support

As someone who was once is the place of most people who are ready this. I can tell you that support is very important.

No matter how in depth a training course is, they cannot properly cover every problem that every member is going to face.

That’s why it’s important to have a place where members can ask questions and get answers.

This is where the live Q&As, Facebook group, and forum come into play.

While I know of programs with better support systems, this one is not the worst I’ve seen.

If you have questions, you should be able to get answers fairly quickly.

Elite Blog Academy’s Successful Graduates

If you’re looking for reviews of Elite Blog Academy, you’ve probably already come across several successful members.

Many of them have already written reviews of the program, and you can get more insight from them.

I also want to point out that these members succeeded because they were willing to put in the work.

This is not a system that you can succeed with if you don’t want to put in the time and effort.

The Hefty Price Tag

This is the major downside and problem that I have with Elite Blog Academy.

If you are wanting to get access to everything that they offer, you’re going to have to shell out $797!

I want to be completely clear and tell you that I absolutely believe that the training that they offer is worth it.

$797 is nothing compared to the amount of money you stand to make if you properly implement the training.

If you aren’t willing to shell out some money for the chance to create a blog that can potentially change your life, then you don’t have the type of commitment it takes to succeed.

With that being said, I completely understand that $797 simply just isn’t possible for some people out there.

If you are one of those people, I suggest checking out This Program, because it’s free to get started, and has a cheap monthly payment for the premium version!

Only Open Once A Year

Elite Blog Academy Scam ReviewIn my opinion, this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

First off, the fact that they only accept a certain number of people means that they truly care about their students succeeding.

However that can make it very difficult for people like yourself to get into the program.

It’s kind of a double edged sword, but I understand why they do it that way.

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam?

If you’re worried about Elite Blog Academy being a scam, you can rest assured that it’s completely legit, and in my opinion a

The only people that could argue that it’s a scam are people who think it’s not worth the money, but I believe it is.

An Alternative To Elite Blog Academy

I want to be completely honest and say that I would not be a successful blogger if EBA was the only training program out there. That’s simply because when I started out online, I couldn’t have afforded it.

While it’s absolutely worth the money, I just didn’t have an entire month’s rent to spare. I was looking to make money online to help pay the rent.

Anyways, I can across My Top Ranked Program, and they helped get me to where I am today. Since joining their community I’ve made enough money to quit my job, and work completely from home.

It’s completely free to get started there, and in opinion they have better training and tools than any other program I’ve ever reviewed.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


What Do You Think About Elite Blog Academy? Leave Me Any Questions Or Concerns In The Comments Below!

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What Is Trunited? A Scam Or Legit? Let’s Review

Trunited Scam Review

If you’re trying to answer the question “What Is Trunited?” and are worried that it’s a scam, then you’re in the right place.

In this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about Trunited before giving it a try!

Trunited Scam ReviewTrunited Review

Product: Trunited


Creator: Nicholas Porter

Price: Free

Is Trunited A Scam? NO!


What Is Trunited?

Trunited claims to be a platform for Socialized Commerce that will pay you money to do your shopping.

Basically it is a “cash back” system that will give you back a portion of the money that you spend at their recommended retailers.

Another way you can make money through them is by simply referring others to sign up and make purchases through the site.

I’ll be going into much more detail about everything you’ll be doing and what they offer, so stick around.

The Pros And Cons

Whenever I write a review for an online money making program I try to list out both the good and bad things about it.


  • Legitimate way to make money online
  • Easy To Do
  • Free To Join
  • Free Shipping on Orders $49 Or More


  • Hard To Make A Lot Of Money
  • Can Be A Bit Confusing

Now I’m going to take some time to go into detail about exactly what I mean with each of these points.

How The System Works

Trunited gets paid commissions when they get their members to purchase items through certain companies.

They then turn around and give a portion of the money that they make back to the members.

It’s basically like an “everybody wins” situation. The companies get sales, Trunited gets paid, and the customers get some money back.

It’s actually a pretty great system.

You can watch their informational video here if you’re still a little confused.

Making Purchases

Trunited Legit Brands

The purchasing system is actually pretty simple, you purchase items from the website in two different ways.

  • Global Brands
  • Direct to Consumer

If you decide you shop Global Brands you can choose from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy Target and many more.

On the Trunited website you simply find the store you want to buy from and click on the Shop Now button.

You’ll earn different a different percentage of “Profit Points” depending on which store you choose to shop from.

I’ll go over what exactly a Profit Point is later, because it can be a bit confusing.

You can also shop Direct To Consumer which will basically just let you buy things straight from the Trunited website!

Their Referral System

If you are someone who is trying to make any type of noticeable money from Trunited, this will be how.

If you refer people to Trunited, you can earn money from the money that they spend there.

You have to have at least refer one person who makes at least one purchase each month.

And you also have to build up at least $90 into your account from referral before you qualify for their affiliate program!

The goal is to become a “PaceSetter” which would mean that your referrals have also referred enough people to have 15 people under you.

For example, you refer 3 people, and each of them refer 2 people who have referred 1 person.

That makes 15 people, which means you can then start earning from your referral’s referrals and not just your own.

It’s confusing but hopefully it makes sense.

Earning Potential

This is where I find the biggest problem with Trunited. I don’t really see much earning potential here.

You can earn a bit of money back from the products that you buy, which is nice, but you’re not going to make a ton.

The only way to make a good amount of money is if you get a lot of people to join through you.

For example having 15 referrals under you would make you a couple hundred bucks a month if they all spend several hundred dollars a month there.

That’s honestly not going to be realistic to anyone who isn’t experienced in affiliate marketing.

If you are looking to make good money online, there are better places to do it at!

Trunited Profit Points System

Now I want to briefly go over how the profit points system works, because it can be a bit confusing!

For most systems like this one, each point would be worth a set amount of money. Like $0.10 or something like that.

That’s not how the Trunited Points Sysem works.

Depending on where you choose to shop you will earn a different percent of purchase in points.Trunited Profit Points

The value of the points varies depending on how much the company makes as a whole for the month.

All of the profits that Trunited makes are then divided into points, and given to the members based on the number of points they have.

So the value of the points varies from month to month.

Is Trunited A Scam Or Legit?

Trunited is a legit and decent opportunity to make money back with the items that purchase everyday.



If you’re someone who does a lot of online shopping, this is something that can definitely help you save money.

However if you are someone who is looking to make a good amount of money online, there are plenty of better options!

What I Recommend

If you are someone who is interested in make good money online, I have another program you might like.

I make my entire living online, and I started out just doing it in my free time.

Anyone can succeed as long as they get the proper training, tools and support.

You can get started for free in the same place I started out!

If you are interested in learning more about that program you can…


What Do You Think About Trunited? Leave Me Any Questions Or Concerns In The Comments Below!

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Express My Cash Freebies: Scam OR Legit [Review]

Is Express My Cash Freebies A Scam?

In this review of Express My Cash Freebies I’ll be going over exactly what it is and answering the question “Is Express My Cash Freebies A Scam?”

I’ve heard of My Cash Freebies before, but I wasn’t sure if this express version was also a legit way to make some extra cash.

As it turns out it is a legit way to earn some extra cash and gifts by taking completing some offers from advertisers.

Is Express My Cash Freebies A Scam?Express My Cash Freebies Review

Product: Express My Cash Freebies


Is Express My Cash Freebies A Scam? No

Is Express My Cash Freebies Recommended? I’ll Explain Later


Express My Cash Freebies Review Summary

Express My Cash Freebies is a legitimate way to make money online. You can make $20 for getting other people to join through your referral link.

However you’ll first have to complete several offers, and the person you get to sign up for will too before you get any money.

In my opinion most people won’t be able to make very much money because they don’t have access to a huge following.

If you want a way to potentially making a living with the money you make online…

Click Here To Read About My To Online Money Making Method!

What Is Express My Cash Freebies?

If you heard of My Cash Freebies then you probably at least have some sort of idea what Express My Cash Freebies is.

It’s basically an express version of that.

They allow you to earn extra money and other gifts in return for completing various advertising offers.

You can also make money by getting other people to sign up through your referral link, and getting them to complete a few offers.

How You’ll Make Money

Express My Cash Freebies Scam

If you are interested in making money from this website, there’s a couple things you’ll have to do.

First you will have to complete at least 1 full credit worth of offers that they give you.

When you sign up you can look at various offers that look a little something like this.

They will give you multiple ones that you can choose from and you will earn varying numbers of credits depending on which ones you decide to do.

As you can see in the photo above all of them are worth less than an entire credit.

So you’ll have to complete at least a few of these before you are going to be able to make money from referrals.

You’ll also realize that the offers that make you pay money are worth more credits than the free ones.

There’s is a good reason for that and I’ll go over it in this next section.

Now that you’ve complete an entire credits worth of offers, you can now get your referral link.

Now you can send out that link to people, and earn $20 for every person that you get to sign up.

Well, you’ll only get the money if that person signs up, and then completes 1 credit worth of offers.

How Does It All Work

You might be wondering how it is even possible for a company to pay you money for doing something that doesn’t cost you money.

Well it’s actually pretty simple.

The companies who’s offers you’ll be completing pay Express My Cash Freebies for getting people to do the offers.

When they get paid the money for getting you to do the offer, they pay you some of that money.

That’s why many of the offers that are worth more credits require you to sign up for a paid trail or service.

Problems With Express My Cash Freebies

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you sign up and start putting a bunch of effort into this.

First off, you aren’t going to be able to make a whole bunch of money if you don’t know how to market.

Yes you might be able to make a few extra bucks for getting a few friends to sign up, but that’s about it.

The only way you’re going to make a decent amount of money with this is if you have a website or blog that you can promote this opportunity with.

Posting your links on Facebook isn’t going to do much good.

If you want to learn the proper ways to market an opportunity like this I suggest you read about My Top Training Program!

They’ve helped me market and make a living from referring people to various offers like this one!

Another huge problem that I’ve constantly seen is that people will sign up for free trials and forget to cancel.

Next thing they know they’ve been charged for an entire month of something they don’t even care about.

Don’t be one of those people!

Is Express My Cash Freebies A Scam?

Express My Cash Freebies is not a scam in any way, shape or form. It is a legitimate way to make money online.

However I don’t recommend it because you are going to spend a lot of time on something that isn’t going to make you very much money.

As a person that researches ways to make money online for a living, I promise you that there are plenty of better ways out there.

What I Recommend

There are a lot of websites and companies out there that will pay you to refer people to them.

My Top Recommended Program will teach you how to fully take advantage of these programs, and potentially make a living from them.

Since joining their program I’ve been able to make enough monthly income to quit my day job and work completely from home.

The best part is that it is free to get started, and you don’t even have to put in any card information.

So there’s no way to get charged even if you don’t cancel!

For more information on this opportunity you can…

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What Do You Think About Express My Cash Freebies? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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