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Spare5 Scam Review

Is Spare5 A Scam? Or Will You Really Make Money? [Review]

There are a lot of scam programs out there that claim to pay you for tasks, but then they don’t. Is Spare5 one of those scams, or is it one of the legit ones?

Spare5 Scam ReviewSpare5 Review

Product: Spare5


Price: Free To Join

Is Spare5 A Scam? NO!

Is Spare5 Recommended? To Some


What Is Spare5?

Spare5 is a GPT (Get Paid To) website and app that allows you to get paid to do various tasks for them.

Various companies like Microsoft, IBM, and many others pay them for collecting information from it’s users like you.

The information that you give them will be used to help train programs and algorithms to understand certain things about language, images, videos and other things.

The Pros And Cons

Spare5 AppLet’s list out some of the good and bad things about Spare5, to make it easier for you to decide if it’s worth your time.


  • It’s a Legitimate company
  • Simple To Do
  • Can be done in a few spare minutes
  • Iphone App


  • They Don’t Pay Much

Over the next few section I’ll go a little further into details about the points I listed above.

Getting Started

How Spare5 WorksIt’s very simple to sign up and create an account. You can sign up through your favorite social media accounts or simply by using your email address.

After creating an account and password you’ll have to answer some questions about yourself.

These are basic questions like your age, gender and where you live. They will help them match you up with tasks that are good for you.

You’ll earn $0.10 for answering those simple questions.

After you’re done you’ll be giving a handful of tasks that you can get started with.

The Tasks

According to Spare5, you’ll be mainly completing 4 different types of tasks.

The 4 types of tasks you’ll be completing are:

Is Spare5 A Scam?

Assess Language

Listening to an audio file and describing the meaning, contents, attitude, or contents.

Annotate Images

Looking at an image and dividing it into various sections and describing whats in it. It’s similar to tagging friends in pictures on Facebook.

Isolate Elements

Looking at images and selecting the edges of elements to isolate them from the rest of the picture.

Provide Keywords

Looking at images and coming up with keywords that describe the elements within it.

At the end of the day, these tasks are simple to understand, easy to do, and don’t take much time.

How Much Money You’ll Make

This is basically the one and only problem that I’ve seen people have with Spare5.

The fact is that you simply aren’t going to make much money be completing these tasks.

Spare5 isn’t going to help you make a living online, however if you want to make a few extra bucks in your spare time it’s perfect for that.

Looking through some of the tasks I was given, most of them were only worth a few cents.

Is Spare5 A Scam?

When it comes to GPT websites, Spare5 is absolutely not a scam, and it one of the better ones out there!


If you are looking to make a few extra bucks in your spare time, then you are the exact person that Spare5 was created for.

Some other good GPT websites out there include: Level Rewards, Earnhoney, and SwagBucks. However my favorite thing to do is to get paid to shop with The Dosh App!

However if you are someone who is looking to make more money online, there are simply better ways to do it.

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What Do You Think About Spare5? Leave Any Questions Or Concerns In The Comments Below!

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