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Is home job placement a scam?

Is Home Job Placement A Scam Or Legit? Review

In this review of Home Job Placement I will be giving you several reasons why it is a scam that you should avoid!

Home Job Placement Review

Product: Home Job Placement

Creator: Kelly simmons


Price: $97

Verdict: Scam!


What Is Home Job Placement

I’m just going to be frank right off the bat and tell you that Home Job Placement is a scam!

It was created by Kelly Simmons who is the same named used in the creation of several other scams.

Home Job Position and Secure Job Position are just two of the other scams that I have recently reviewed!

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Pros And Cons

I always try to list out a few good things about each product I review, but I had to really stretch for this one!


  • In theory you can make a little cash


  • Unrealistic Earning Claims
  • Link Posting Doesn’t Work
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Not Actually On TV
  • Limited Positions Lie
  • Same Scam/Different Name

Honestly there are a bunch of other things wrong with this scam but I just didn’t list them here.

The Red Flags

Let’s go over several of the red flags that prove that this product is a scam!

Unrealistic Earning Claims

Like I listed as the only pro for this program, in theory you can maybe make a little money.

With that being said, I promise that you won’t make anything near the amount that they claim you will.

I’m actually pretty certain that you will not even be able to make back the money that you pay them.

Link Posting Doesn’t Work

The method that they say you can make money with on the sales pages sounds good in theory.

That’s because it is based in some truth, and is basically a crappy, non working version of affiliate marketing!

You can make money online by getting people to buy something with a link that you post.

With that being said, the method that they teach you will not work.

You can’t just post links on random websites because they will block them.

Not to mention people won’t even click on the spam links if you don’t give them a reason to.

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Other Red Flags

The ones listed above are just a few of the many problems that make this a scam.

Let’s quickly list out and cover the other ones.

The TV news spot they show in the beginning is real, however it is not actually about Home Job Placement.

It is just about making money from home. Notice how they never actually say the name “Home Job Placement?”

Same goes for the image they put at the top claiming that they’ve been featured on the news.

That’s just a complete lie.

I know this because my job is to literally keep up to day with online money making opportunities.

I would know about it if this product was actually on TV and as amazing as they claim!

Another lie they show is the claim that there are only 9 positions left.

One thing I can promise you is that no matter how long you wait, there will always be 9 positions left.

This is just a cheap tactic they use to try to get you to quickly buy in without really thinking about it.

Same Scam/Different Name

As I briefly mentioned above, this is just the same scam I’ve seen multiple times before, just under a different name.

Does this picture look familiar?


It’s the same logo as Home Job Placement, just with a different name.

If nothing else has convinced you that it’s a scam, I certainly hope that this does!

If that sales page doesn’t look familiar to you it’s because they use several different types of sales pages.

You may have just ended up on a different one than I did!


I honestly didn’t even cover all of the things that are wrong with this system, but I hope I have proved to you that Home Job Placement is a


Avoid this “system” at all costs because you will not get your money back or make much money at all!

Actually Make Money Online

There are actually a lot of people online who make the amounts of money that they show!

I know that because I am one of those people who makes a living working online!

Anyone can do it as long as they have the training, tools, and support system.

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