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Is Millionaire Methods A Scam

Is Millionaire Methods A Scam? Here’s Proof It Is!

In this review of Millionaire Methods I will be going over the reasons why I think it is a huge scam!

Is Millionaire Methods A ScamMillionaire Methods Scam Review

Program: Millionaire Methods

Creator: Ryan Dennis

Website: + many others

Price: $47

Verdict: Scam!


What Is Millionaire Methods About?

Millionaire Methods claims to be an online money making system that can bring you in an insane amount of money.

Throughout the sales pitch they promise that they will teach you something that will change your life forever.

The problem is that they can’t and won’t live up to the expectations they create.

In this review I’m going to give you multiple reasons why Millionaire Methods is a complete scam!

Pros And Cons

I always try to find at least one good thing about each system I review, however I couldn’t find a single one with Millionaire Methods.


  • Nothing


  • Paid Actors
  • Fake Testimonials
  • The System’s Name Changes
  • No Info About It
  • No Support

There are so many red flags for this system, and I’m going to go into all of them!

Paid Actors

When I first started writing reviews, I never thought they a crappy review would pay a ton of money for paid actors.

Well as it turns out, they to pay actors, but it’s normally not that much money.

There is a website called Fiverr where you can pay actors 5 bucks to say whatever you want.

Doesn’t this woman look a little familiar?


Is Millionaire Method A scam Is Millionaire Method a scam?It didn’t even take me 60 seconds of looking on Fiverr to find this woman.

And If that isn’t enough proof for you, then scroll down to the bottom of the sales page and click on the “Testimonials and results Disclosure” link.

Is millionaire method a scam?

Within that little pop up they admit that all testimonials are paid actors, and they also throw in a little something that proves this entire thing is a scam!

Do you see the part where they literally say, “…the general person who purchases this program will make absolutely no money all and will possibly lose money”

Honestly I shouldn’t even need to write anything else but I’m going to continue anyways.


The System’s Name Changes!

One the sales page alone they change the name of the system because they didn’t take the time to think it through.

You can see it either says, “Millionaire Method”, “Millionaire’s Method”, “Millionaires Methods” and I think a few others.

I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t trust a program where the creator can’t even remember what it was called!

No Information About It

One thing that I’ve learned from the hundreds of reviews I’ve written is that the less info they give you, the more likely it’s a scam!

Throughout the sales video they say some things that kind of hint at what you might be doing.

But they don’t go into details about what you will be doing or exactly how you’ll be making money.

Every single legitimate good program that I’ve reviewed tells you exactly what you will be getting before you buy it.

No Support

Everything about this system is fabricated to look like it is a legitimate business.

Including the claims of 24/7 support.

You ahead and call the 1-800 they put at the bottom of the page, no one will answer!

At least they didn’t when I called, and if they do for you they will just spit you a bunch of lies!

Is Millionaire Method A Scam?

There are some programs I review that I have a difficult time figuring out they are a scam.

However I knew right from the start that Millionaire Method was a


If all of the red flags didn’t convince you, I hope the fact that they practically say it’s a scam in the fine print will.

How I Make A Living Online!

Even though there are countless scams out there like Millionaire Method, you can actually make money online.

It’s possible for anyone to make money online and you only need a few things to do it!

You need the right training, support, and tools!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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