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Is The Job Quitter A Scam

The Job Quitter System: Is It A Scam? [Review]

The Job Quitter seems pretty awesome right? Well let’s review it and see if it’s too good to be true!

Is The Job Quitter A ScamThe Job Quitter Review

Product: The Job Quitter

Creator: Richard Harper


Price: $47

Verdict: Avoid!


What Is The Job Quitter?

The Job Quitter claims that you can start earning $3,226.92 per day by just copying the creator’s method.

They claim that all you need is a computer or phone, and about 5 minutes of spare time.

Honestly this sounds like a complete load of crap, but I’m still going to dive deeper into it.

Let’s get into what this system is all about!

Is There Anything Good About It?

I always make a pros and cons list for each program I review and this one is lacking in pros!


  • Nothing


  • No Information About What You’ll Do
  • Obvious Lies Throughout
  • False Expectations

Now let’s take a little time to go over what I mean by each of these points.

What You Will Be Doing

Throughout the video they don’t give you vary much detail about what you’ll be doing, or how you’ll make money.

All they say is that you just be pushing some buttons and then start raking in tons of cash.

This is one of the major red flags I see with this program.

They give absolutely no information about how you’ll actually be making money online.

They try to make it seem like it’s some big secret that you can only find out if you pay them money.The Job Quitter System

Don’t fall for it.

I’ve been reviewing online money making programs for years now, and every legit one says exactly what you’ll be doing before you buy.

There is no secret method to making money online, it just takes work, time, training, tools, and support.

As long as you have those things you can make money online.

A Video Filled With Lies!

There is a ton of misleading information, and just straight up lies all throughout the sales video.

First off, I want to make this absolutely clear.

YOU WILL NOT GET $500!Is The Job Quitter System A Scam?

This is a sales tactic that a ton of scams use to try and get you to give them your money.

I want to be honest and tell you that I didn’t purchase this program, but I’ve seen this tactic before.

Odds are that after you pay for the program, they will give you $500…. off of another program that they want you to buy.

This is done all of the time in scams like these Online Income Profits, One Click Payday!

That’s only the biggest lie, there are plenty of others.

Another pretty obvious one is the fact that they literally claim that it’s free at first.

But once you get to the check out page, it’s $47 to get it!

Also he claims that the video will only be up for a couple hours, and only 100 people can join.

Well I first saw this scam yesterday, and guess what… it’s still up.

I bet your reading this at least several day after I posted this review too.

Is The Job Quitter A Scam?

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t give The Job Quitter my money, but that’s only because I am certain that it’s a


I highly recommend that you avoid this “program” however if you did end up giving them your money, let me know what happened in the comments!

How To Really Make Money Online!

As I mentioned earlier, it is absolutely possible to actually make money online.

It just actually takes time, and some real work.

As long as you have to proper training, tools, and support you can achieve the level of success he claims in the sales video.

I know that for a fact because I started making enough money to quit my job and work completely from home!

If you would like to learn about where I got started online, I suggest you click here to learn more!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “The Job Quitter System: Is It A Scam? [Review]”

  1. Thanks for the post man. I did buy into job quitter. I wasn’t really too excited about the $500, I didn’t really expect anyone to hand me $500 for nothing, that just wouldn’t make sense. So I shelled out the $47. I got into the membership area, and I have to say that you won’t be making $1,000s or anything, at least not right away. So the whole thing about it is you are setting up a landing page and an email auto responder. They provide the landing pages for you. Then connecting your landing page form to the autoresponder. Then they teach you how and where to drive traffic to your funnel to get people to optin to your list in exchange for something. Which they show you were to get resources for ebooks and digital goods. And then you send out emails to your optins with your affiliate links and earn money. So all in all the system is pretty legit and I have already made a few bucks in a couple weeks. So $1000s a day, nope. Maybe in 5-10 years. But all in all I did learn some interesting techniques and know how to grab some spare change.

    • Hey Jake,
      No problem, I’m just trying to help as many people as I can. I’m glad that you at least got something that can possibly make you some money back. I figured that was the type of method that they would teach if they did teach you anything. The problem with that is the fact that you can find enough information about how to do that for free in other places. Anyways, I’m glad you’re at least making some money and have learned a little bit about marketing as well!

      • I just signed up and I not only paid the $47, but I guess I am a chump – another $97 for 10 landing pages. I have called their customer service number and did not get a person – I left a message. I also called the number they give for a “coach.” Again, it went to an answering service and I left a message.
        I started to go through the setup – I was instructed to set up an account with clickbetter, 14 day free trial, then $100 a month. Then there was another company I was supposed to sign up with. That is where I put the brakes on. I am trying to get my money back; if I am not able to contact somebody within this company by tomorrow, I will contact my bank and have the charges reversed.

        • I’m sorry to hear that happened to you Cheryl. Thank you for sharing your story, hopefully it will stop others from doing the same thing. I truly hope that you are able to get your money back from them!

  2. On October 28, I had signed up for your program. I paid $47.00 and was hoping for a great start. I dialed that number which was provided, but I never got a call from anyone. So, please give the $47.00 back to me.

    • Hi Manfred,
      I’m sorry to hear they took your money, but I’m not associated with them in anyway, so I don’t have your money to give back. The only thing I can suggest is that you keep trying to contact them through that number or on their website to try and get your money back.
      Good luck!

  3. Hi Lynette I bought into the scam I sent money to this company I never heard anything about it anymore I lengthen to the number and did everything they told me to do but I lost money on this so yes I was one of those people who needed money fast and I think the system and logged into the system and sent these people money I have not heard anything from them I have tried to call and call and call to try to see if I can get my money back but I guess not I have lost this money and now I’m sitting here saying God how could people be like this and do this to other people I guess I have really learned my lesson but yes I was taken into this system and wondered how I can make money online if you have any tips on how to make it I would appreciate the help but yes I did give into this system and I got beat out of my money

    • Hello Lynette,
      I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’m not sure if they will ever give you your money back buy I hope they do. All I can suggest is that you just keep trying to get a hold of them.
      If you want to make some money online you could maybe try some free paid survey websites, but you’ll only be able to make a small amount from those. If you want to make real money online I always suggest learning about Wealthy Affiliate however that will take quite a bit of time and effort before you’ll start seeing money, but it’s honestly worth the work.
      Unfortunately there aren’t any legitimate ways to make money online fast.

    • I did everything that everybody did sent this company 47.00 and I got a coach training and then he ask for the 100 dollar they suppose to send me 3200 dollar products that will show me how to make money he was paying everything except the 100 and I did not have to pay him back all I have to do is give my testimony when I start making money from the system that all he wanted from me he said im not going to make a lot of money just yet but in 7 to 10 business I will receive a check for 500 to 1000 dollar


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