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Online Profit System Review: Is it a Scam?

Online Profit System

I’ve been reviewing online jobs, and other money making opportunities for quite sometime now.  There are legitimate ways to make money online, but there are many more scams that just give the actual programs a bad name.

Online Profit System makes claims that say that you will be able to easily be able to make hundreds of dollars a day without any kind of experience.

Is that true, or is it just another scam?

Is Online Profit System a Scam?

Like I said before, I have been reviewing online money making opportunities for quite some time now and I can definitely pick out a scam when I see one, and Online Profit System is absolutely a scam.

What Makes it a Scam?

One of the first things that makes me suspicious that any online money making program is a scam, is if it doesn’t go into detail about what you will be doing, or what you will be getting if you give them your money.

You may have noticed that Online Profit System doesn’t really say much at all about what you will be doing if you give them the $20 that they are asking for.


I’ve spent some money on a few programs myself, and I’ll tell you this right now. Every single one of the legit ones went into complete detail about what you are getting, what you will be doing, and how you will be doing it.

Now I know that there are three things that OPS says that you will get.

  • All Training Guides and Video Tutorials
  • Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation
  • Automated Money Making Website

The problem is that they don’t give you any information about how many tutorials, what exactly the 1 on 1 consultation consists of, or how the automated money making website will even bring in money.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended program, read a little bit about them, and you will be amazed about how much detail they give about what they offer. They even let you try it out completely free.

Automated Money Making Website

Creating a wSuccess Storyebsite is a great way to make money online, in my opinion it is the best way. Unfortunately there is no way to automate the process, and make money without doing any work.

Here’s why:

A large part of the way that websites make money is through affiliate marketing. Without going into too much detail, you basically make money by having your visitors buy other companies products.  The problem is that you have to get people to visit your website before you can get them to buy stuff.

The main way to get them to your website, is by getting the content that you write to rank in Google.  The reason that you can’t have an automated system is because Google is a multi-billion dollar corporation, that knows how to tell if your website was just copied from something else.

The “Automated Website” that you would be getting would not rank in Google because it doesn’t have unique content, and without ranking you can’t get visitors.


Online Profit System has all of the makings of a:


  • No detail about what you will be doing
  • Automated Websites don’t work
  • Use Fake Testimonials
  • Claim to be on major networks like CNN, yet you’ve never seen it on TV.

As seen on

These are many of the tricks and lies that scams use to get your money, and even if it wasn’t a scam, the website that they give you won’t earn you any money.

If you have any question’s or concerns, let me know in the comments below!

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