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Re-Engager Review

Re-Engager Review – Will It Really Work?

In this Re-Engager review I will be letting you know whether I believe this software is worth a purchase or not.

Re-Engager ReviewRe-Engager Review

Product: Re-Engager

Creators: Mike From Maine + Brett Rutecky


Price: $27 + Up-sells

Verdict: Decent

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What Is Re-Engager?

Re-Engager is a software that will help re engage visitors of your website by showing a notification on the browser tab for you website.

Most people will have multiple browser tabs open at any given time, so it can be easy for them to forget, or never return to your tab.

This software adds a customizable flashing message to your tab in order to get your visitors to return.

It also allows you to customize a popup window that will activate once they do return.

You can add videos, calls to action, sign up sheets and other things to this popup.

Pros and Cons

Normally I have a hard time finding pros for a product, however this time I had a hard time finding cons.

What Re-engager DoesPros:

  • Re-Engages visitors who may have left
  • Incredibly customizable
  • Can increase conversions
  • Can increase sign ups
  • Easy To use
  • Training Videos Included


  • May seem a bit spammy
  • Many scams use this method
  • Up-sells

Overall I believe the pros out weigh the cons.

Re-Engager Features

Let’s go over the several helpful features and benefits of this software.

Tab Message

When someone clicks off of your website tab you can set up a custom message that will display on it.

You can customize what the message will say, how fast it flashes, the number and color of the notification bubble.

The Popup

The popup will automatically appear once the visitor clicks back on your tab.

You can add YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos, Calls to action buttons, autoresponder signups, other signups, Google Maps, images, external websites, discounts and more.

The amount of customization with this software is honest pretty awesome, and can be used differently in so many situations.

Training Videos

Just in case you can’t figure something out on your own, they include training videos that walk you through how to do everything.

Who Is Re-Engager For?

Re-Engager is honestly for anyone who has a website and wants to decrease bounce rates and keep visitors engaged for longer.

If you have an Ecommerce store it is a great way to get your customers to come back and give them a special discount or offer.

If you are an affiliate marketer it is a great way to get your affiliate offers out in front of visitors.

It’s great for increasing email list sign ups, or anything else you might want to get people to sign up for.

It’s especially great for anyone trying to sell an eBook or some other digital product.

The Up-sells

I just want to make sure that you are aware of the fact that they are going to try and sell you more expensive items after your initial purchase.

Here are the offers you will see:

Up-sell #1:($47)

Re-Engager Pro + Developer rights

Up-sell #2:($67)

Re-Engager Agency (everything done for you reseller)

Up-sell #3:($37)

Bretts Circle: with agency reseller

Many of you may not be interested in these up sells but I just wanted to make sure you prepared for them.

My Personal Thoughts

If you’ve read through any of my past reviews you probably realized that I am a difficult person to impress.

I have a high standard for products and I try to always find everything that is wrong with something before I purchase it and write a review.

And Re-Engager has very little wrong with it.

Some people may find it a bit spammy, but the way I look at it is that they probably weren’t going to return anyways.

So you can’t really lose them anymore.

Another problem I see is the fact that many of the scams I review use similar tactics like this, and you don’t want to be seen as a scam.

However, I personally think it all depends on the message that you display on your tab.

I don’t like the whole “***WARNING*** ” thing because I see that ALL OF THE TIME with scams.

But if you use something like “Special Offer”, or ” New Discount” it may not seem as bad.


I am actually impressed with this software and I’m considering adding to this website. Right now I am testing it out on another website to see what works best.

Also keep in mind that this is not the only software that does this type of thing, however I do believe this is one of the best ones.

Overall I have to say that Re-Engager is a

for anyone who is trying to bring down bounce rates, and increase conversions and sign ups.

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