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Is Dollars Plug A Scam? Is My PC Job A Scam? [Review]

Is Dollars Plug A Scam?

In this review I’ll be going over Dollars Plug and My PC Job, because they both seem to be the same thing.

I’ll be telling you what you need to know and answering the question, “Is Dollars Plug or My PC Job A Scam?”

Is Dollars Plug A Scam?Dollars Plug/My PC Job Review

Product: Dollars Plug/My PC Job

Website: redirects to

Price: Free

Is Dollars Plug A Scam? YES!

Is My PC Job A Scam? YES!


What Is Dollars Plug And My PC Job?

I originally came across Dollars Plug from a link posted by someone who was trying to get people to join.

However when I clicked on the link, I realized that it then directed to a website called My PC Job!

The reason that this happened is because Dollars Plug has been ousted as a scam, so now they’re trying to change their name.

To answer your question, both Dollars Plug and My PC Job are total scams, and I’ll be going over why in this review!

The Pros And Cons

In an attempt to be fair to these scam I’ll at least try to list out both the good and bad things about them!


  • Free To Join


  • You’ll Be Wasting Your Time
  • They Won’t Actually Pay You
  • They’ll Sell Your Information
  • You Could Lose Money
  • Similar To Other Scams

I’ll go over what I mean in more depth throughout this review!

Free But Maybe Not!

This is the first and foremost important thing that you understand, so I wanted to make it first.

It was free to join, however you still stand the chance of losing your money; potentially a lot of it!

You gave them your email address and used a password to sign up for their free account right?

Now you better make sure you haven’t used that same email/password combination to anything important!

If you also use them for a bank account, PayPal account or anything else important, you might want to change your passwords.

I’ve heard horror stories of people losing a lot of money due to something simple like this scam.

They Won’t Pay You

Another thing that you need to understand is that you aren’t going to get paid the money you earn.

I know that it looks like you have $300+ in your account, but it’s a fake account and it will never be in your real one.

You’ll find people all over the place claiming that they’ve actually received money. However they are just saying that to try and get others to sign up.

I’ve seen this scam under different names time and time again.

I’m not going to waste my own time just to prove that you won’t get paid, but that’s mainly because I simply don’t want to get others to sign up and waste their time.

Thanks to this website, I could easily get hundreds of people to join if I wanted to, but I won’t because I know I won’t get paid!

How The Scam Works

This entire scam is setup for only one purpose, to get information from as many people as possible.

That’s why it’s free to join, and they claim that you’ll make a ton of money!

If no one pays the website for anything, where do you think they are going to get the money to pay everyone?

That’s right… they aren’t.

Their goal is to collect a bunch of email addresses and passwords, so they can sell them to the highest bidders.

If you gave them your information you should be expecting more spam emails, and possibly even attempts to login to your accounts.

Stay alert and change your passwords if you have to!

The Same As Other Scams

I’m not sure if your at this review for Dollars Plug or My PC Job, but I reassure you that they’re the same!

You can also look at a few of these other websites that do the same things with slightly different website designs!

Is Dollars Plug A Scam?

Is Pay In Night A Scam?What Is Money Come First

Pay In Night, Money Come First and Fix Monthly Income are three websites that do the same thing, they’ve just redesigned the layout and pictures a bit!

Are Dollar Plug and My PC Job A Scam?

Even though I didn’t take the time to try them out, I know from past experience that they are scams and you won’t get your money. Anyone who claims that they got paid are just trying to get you or others to join.

Dollar Plug and My PC Jobs are both a


Of course I can’t stop you from trying it out. If I haven’t convinced you they are scams, just make sure you don’t use your normal email and password combination.

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Are Dollar Plug and My PC Jobs Scams? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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