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Transcribe Me Review

What Is Transcribe Me? Is It A Scam? [Honest Review]

In this Transcribe Me Review I’ll be going over everything you need to know before signing up. What Is Transcribe Me? Is it a scam that you’re going to be wasting your time with.

Or can you actually make some good money with this online opportunity?

Transcribe Me ReviewTranscribe Me Review

Program: Transcribe Me


Type: Paid To Transcribe

What Is Transcribe Me? Legit!

Can You Make Money? YES!


What Is Transcribe Me?

Transcribe Me is an online transcription service that companies can use to turn audio files into text.

It’s also a website where everyday people can get paid for listening to an audio file, and typing out what it says.

There is a lot of mixed feelings about Transcribe Me out there on the internet.

Some people swear that it’s just a waste of time because you won’t be able to make very much money from it.

While other people out there swear it is the best opportunity out there to create a full time income online.

Throughout this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know in order to decide whether Transcribe Me is for you or not!

How Much Money Does Transcribe Me Pay?

I figured I would jump right into this considering that’s what most people want to know the most.

“Can I really make a living with Transcribe Me?”

As it turns out, there are people out there who make a living transcribing audio files for Transcribe Me.

However it is certainly not for everyone, according to the website the average worker makes $250/month.

They pay $20 per audio hour. Which in translation means that they pay you depending on how many audio samples you transcribe.

If you are someone who has a past transcribing files you can send in your resume and you could possibly make up to $50 per audio hour.

It’s important to note here that your pay and success with this system will depend on how fast you can type.

Whether you type fast or slow, I have a better way for you to make money online…


How Transcribe Me Works

Companies or other people will submit audio files that they want to have turned into text. Transcribe me will then send those files to their workers to type it out.

It’s not too difficult to understand.

As a transcriber, you will receive audio files that are 10 to 60 seconds long, and you will simply type out what you hear.

You will then submit your file for review, and if it passes the quality inspection they’ll add money to your Transcribe Me Account.

The audio files you’ll receive will just be a short cut out of a much larger file.

Transcibe Me claims that doing things that way leads to higher quality transcriptions.

How Do They Payout?

It’s actually pretty easy to get your money from Transcribe Me.

They do weekly payouts to their workers through PayPal. You simply create a free PayPal account and give them the email you used.

As long as you have $1 or more in your Transcribe Me account you will be able to receive a payment.

Pretty simple.

Who Can Work For Transcribe Me?

If you have the ability to type, and you are fluent in either English, Spanish or both, you can work at Transcribe Me!

However you will have an easier time getting audio files to transcribe if you speak English because that’s the language most of the files are in.

There is a short exam that you will have to take in order to insure that you are capable of accurately transcribing the audio.

However the test is widely considered to be fairly simple, and as soon as you pass you will be able to start.

Common Complaints With Transcribe Me

This is the part where I want to point out some of the common problems that I see people complaining about.

Not Always Work

This is something that I’ve seen many people who work with Transcribe Me complain about.

They say that sometimes throughout the summer and other times there will be a shortage of work.

They complain about making time to login to put in work, and there is nothing for them to transcribe.

Not Making Enough Money

This is one of the biggest problems that I’ve seen for people who are wanting to start making money.

You get paid $20 audio hour, so that means that if you aren’t an incredibly fast typist, you won’t make a bunch of money.

I’ve also read that even if you are fast at typing, you can still have problems with low quality and hard to hear audio files.

Having to constantly rewind and listen to the same file over and over can really cut into your earnings.

Is Transcribe Me A Scam Or Is It Worth It?

Honestly, no matter how you look at it, you can’t consider Transcribe Me a scam.

They are a legitimate company that will pay you money to transcribe audio files for them.

However you’ll have to decide whether or not it is worth it or not for you to join.

If you are someone who has a lot of free time and can type relatively fast, you might be able to make decent money.

However I wouldn’t expect this to become a full time gig. I would just expect to make a little bit of extra cash online.

In my personal opinion, Transcribe Me is not worth it because there are better ways to make money online.

The Best Way To Make Money Online

While you can make some extra cash transcribing audio files, it isn’t very reliable, and it will take up a lot of your free time.

I make my living online, and I do it by only working about 2 – 3 hours a day.

Companies like Amazon will pay you to get people to go to their website and buy something.

That’s how I make my living.

Anyone can do it as long as they have the proper training, tools and support.

You can get started for free with all three of those things in the same place I got started.

If you are interested in learning more…


What are you thoughts about Transcribe Me? If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Transcribe Me? Is It A Scam? [Honest Review]”

  1. This is completely not true. TranscribeMe is a ton of work for like no pay. And, you have to have at least $20 in your account to cash out. Which will take forever to make. They can reject your work you spent hours on just because of tiny arbitrary edits. I spent about 3.5 hours last night working very hard, listening super closely, again and again, and trying to follow all of the grammar and style rules given, and I made $6.70. This morning I went in to my account however, and they have already docked me $1.30 because they rejected a 3-minute-long rush job because of too many tiny/arbitrary/debatable edits. And they haven’t finished reviewing my other files yet either. I’m starting to think this company is really a scam, and all the positive reviews online are fake.

    • Hey T,
      Thank you for your further insight into TranscribeMe. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad experience with them. That’s not a common complaint that I read about in my research, however it’s good to hear your side of the process. I assure you this is a real review, however my experience with them was a bit different. It appears as if they require perfection, and I honestly agree that they don’t pay enough for the work that you put in. Hopefully your issues get resolved.


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