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Leveraged Breakthrough System Scam Review

What Is Leveraged Breakthrough System? Is It A Scam? [Review]

In this Leveraged Breakthrough System review I’ll be going over exactly what it is, and telling you if I think you should join it.

Is it a scam or will you really make a ton of money?

Let’s dive into the program and find out!

Leveraged Breakthrough System Scam ReviewLeveraged Breakthrough System Review

Product: Leveraged Breakthrough System

Website: + Others

Price: $3,247 – $21,847

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System A Scam? Debatable

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System Recommended? No!


What Is Leveraged Breakthrough System?

Leveraged Breakthrough System CommissionsOn the surface Leveraged Breakthrough System claims to be an amazingly easy way to start making thousands and thousands of dollars online.

Apparently they have a secret formula that will help their members generate that income within days of joining as well.

Not mention your “success coach” will even be doing most of the work for you.

This honestly sounds like an incredible opportunity to make money online, however everything isn’t quite as it appears.

Let’s dive deeper into this program before shelling out what could potentially be tens of thousands of dollars to join

What Is Leveraged Breakthrough System About?

Well essentially Leveraged Breakthrough System is what is known in the online marketing world as a high-ticket-program.

Essentially if you join, you will earn money by getting other people to join the exact same thing that you just joined.

As you can see on their sales page, they have multiple membership levels that range from $3,247 all the way up to $21,847.

I’ll be going over the different membership levels here shortly.

Basically you earn money by getting other people to purchase into the various levels of membership they offer.

The catch is that in order to make money from a particular membership level, you must first purchase into it.

For example, if you get someone to pay for the $14,000 Diamond Level, you’ll earn a $7,000 commission, but only if you have already paid that $14,000 to join.


The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a minute to go over some of the good and bad things I could find out about The Leveraged Breakthrough System.


  • It’s Possible To Make Money


  • It’s Incredibly Expensive
  • Low Quality Products
  • An Arguable Pyramid Scheme
  • Many Similar Program Have Been Shutdown
  • It’s Harder Than It Seems

The Expensive Leveraged Breakthrough System Membership Levels

If you want the chance to make any money with the Leveraged Breakthrough System, you’ll first have to pay for one of the four membership levels.

These levels are as follows:

  • Level One: Gold Level – $3,000 + $247 Admin Fee = $3,247
  • Level Two: Platinum Level – $7,000 + $447 Admin Fee = $7,447
  • Level Three: Diamond Level – $14,000 + $647 Admin Fee = $14,647
  • Level Four: Ultra Royal Level – $21,000 + $847 Admin Fee = $21,847

For those prices you would imagine that after joining you would be getting some incredible items, and or training right?

Well not really…

Low Quality Products

It would be one thing to pay a few thousand dollars for an incredible training program that teaches you how to build your own online business.

Leveraged Breakthrough System Products

However that is simply not the case with this system, you simply get:

  • A simple copy of a website (similar to the ones you probably signed up through)
  • Some copy paste emails
  • A lead tracking system
  • Digital Private Label Rights products with information

The truth is that you could find all of those things elsewhere for a very small fraction of the thousands of dollars they want.

Many of the private label rights products can be found elsewhere for literally under $10.

Of course you will get dozens of these throughout the various membership levels, however there is absolutely no way they will ever come close to being worth thousands.

So if the products aren’t worth that much money, why are the membership levels so expensive?

An Arguable Pyramid Scheme

Leveraged Breakthrough System Deal I think it’s pretty obvious that the prices of the membership levels are only so expensive so that members can make a ton of money from promoting them.

Think about it. Are you really going to be purchasing the membership levels for the crappy website and training?

Or are you going to be purchasing them so that you can turn around and make thousands of dollars by getting other people to join?

The main thing that separates an illegal pyramid scheme from an MLM is the fact that MLM’s have products to sell.

You can argue that even though they are incredibly overpriced, you’ll still be getting items and training in return for the money.

However that argument simply hasn’t worked for other similar programs lately.

Other Similar Programs Have Recently Been Shutdown

Even though you can make a weak argument that this is not a pyramid scheme, that argument won’t hold up against the FTC.

Recently two other huge high-ticket-programs, Digital Altitude and MOBE, were sued and shutdown by the FTC.

Think about this for a minute.

You decide to pay the $14,647 to join in at the Diamond level. You’re excited to make $1,500, $3,500, or $7,000 commissions.

Then all of the sudden the Leveraged Breakthrough System website is shutdown and you can’t get in touch with anyone.

You’re simply out of the $14,647 that you just shelled out.

It’s Harder Than It Seems

I know they make is seem like you simply pay the money, setup your website and you’ll start making thousands.

Well it’s no where near that simple.

Being someone who builds websites for a living, I know that building the website is the easy part.

The hard part is actually getting people to the website, so that they can see your offers and make purchases.

In the case of Leveraged Breakthrough System you’ll have to pay money in order to use advertisements to get people to your website.

Then you’ll have to hope and pray that some of those people will actually purchase a membership level.

Hopefully you’ll make more money than you spend on advertisements.

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System A Scam?

I’m not going to call Leverage Breakthrough System a scam simply due to the fact that you can make money with it.

With that being said, it is absolutely not something that I recommend, and I’m sure a lot of people will lose thousands of dollars to this place.

Not Recommended

I strongly suggest that you avoid this place, it’s simply not worth risking the money.

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Is Leveraged Breakthrough System A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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