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Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam?

What Is Our Wealth Secret? Is It A Scam? [Review]

After joining Our Wealth Secret will you start making tens or thousands or dollars a month? Well that actually is possible, however there is a lot more information you’ll want to know before joining!

In this review I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about Our Wealth Secret!

Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam?Our Wealth Secret Review

Program: Our Wealth Secret


Price: $2,000 – $22,000

Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam? Not Really

Is Our Wealth Secret Recommended? NO!


What Is Our Wealth Secret?

When you first arrive at the Our Wealth Secret website you immediate see a video with a bunch of people claiming that they’ve made a ton of money with it.

Multiple people are claiming that they have made $10,000 in their first money, or now average $30,000 a month.

This can easily get your hopes up and get you incredibly hyped to jump in and learn exactly how you can make that much money.

However if you are here, you’ve made the right decision to learn a bit more about it, hopefully before paying.

There’s a lot of information you need to know before joining, so let’s get started!

What Is Our Wealth Secret Really?

If you filled out the sign up form,and moved to the second page, you probably already know that it’s a program called 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle!

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is the real program that you will be paying to join.

As it turns out, there actually are quite a few people out there that make really good money with their system.

However it isn’t exactly what you might think it is, and theirs a huge downside that I’m about to go over.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam?While 8 Firgure Dream Lifestyle can actually work for you, you NEED to understand that it’s expensive… incredibly expensive.

It’s what is know in the online world as a High-Ticket-Program.

Basically after joining they will teach you how to get other people to join the system, and you’ll get paid when they do.

The problem is that their membership is incredibly expensive, and has much more expensive levels.

The levels consist of:

  • Basic = $2,000 + $195 License Fee
  • Builder = $3,500 +  $295 License Fee
  • Advanced = $6,500 + $395 License Fee
  • Pro = $12,500 + $445 License Fee
  • VIP = $22,000 + $495 License Fee

You will earn a commission when you get people to pay for those levels of membership, however you have to purchase them first.

So yes, there are people who make 10’s of thousands of dollars in their first month, however they probably spent way more than that!

How It Works

Like I said, you’ll be making money by getting other people to sign up and pay for 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

However it’s a bit more complicated than that, so I’ll try to explain it here.

You’ll start off by purchasing the Basic package, and then begin trying to get other to purchase it as well.

If or when you get your first sales it will be called your Qualifying Sale, and it will be passed up to the person who recruited you.

So on your first sale, you won’t make any money at all.

However if you do end up getting any sales after that, you will earn a 100% commission on it!

Which is great, that still won’t be a profit because you still need to make back the $195 license fee you paid.

So you won’t make all of your money back until you have succeeded in making your third sale!

Now let’s say one of the people you recruited decides to upgrade to the Builder package, and pays $3,500 to do so.

Well unfortunately you haven’t upgraded to Builder yet, so you’ll only get a $2,000 commission, and the other $1,500 will “Roll up” to the person who recruited you.

So you’ll definitely want to use the little bit of profit that you’ve actually made to upgrade to builder.

Then you’ll just want to keep using you money to upgrade to make sure you get your full commissions.

It’s Harder Than You Think

One thing you need to realize is that it’s difficult to get someone to shell out $2,000 for something like this.

The truth is that very few people who pay the initial amount to join programs like this succeed.

Most people aren’t even able to make back the money that they paid to join the first level.

I mean think about it, you will have to get 3 different people to pay $2,000 before you even get back all of the money you first put in.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to do that, it’s just important to realize that it takes plenty of time and effort.

Don’t join this program thinking that you’re going to start making a ton of money right away without putting in a whole heck of a lot of work.

The people who succeed with programs like this are people who put their heart and soul into it, and are very good at selling.

If you’re not one of those people, I don’t recommend this to you.

Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam?

Our Wealth Secret is actually 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, and it’s not something I would call a scam.

However it is something that I highly suggest the average everyday person

If you are an experienced online marketer, or are someone who is confident they can put up the money, time and effort it requires to succeed with this, then maybe you can try.

However I personally can’t in good conscience promote a program like this knowing that most people who join will lose thousands of dollars.

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Is Our Wealth Secret A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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