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How to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

Selling Clothes

We all have dozens of pairs of clothes that we never wear, but they are just hanging around in closets, dressers and boxes.  Yet for some reason we just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of them. If you’re going to get rid of some old clothes, why not make some extra cash while doing it?

And for those of you who are interested in purchasing and reselling clothing for a constant income steam, there is information here for you also.

Thanks to the internet there are several new ways to make money selling your clothing online, and I’m not just talking about putting them up on eBay. There are several apps, and places online that are specifically there to help people like you sell your old clothes online!

1. Poshmark

What is it? 

Poshmark is a website, and also an app where you can simply take some photos of the clothes that you want to sell, post them up, add a filter to make it look nice, and wait for someone to grab it up.


Then you can print off a prepaid postage label that they provide for you, slap it on your package, and send it off to the buyer.  It’s that simple.

How much do they take?

Poshmark takes a 20% commission on all clothing that was sold for more than $15, and a flat rate of $2.95 for anything sold for less than that.

The Ups and Downs

The website and app are similar to social media sites like Instagram and you can sign up through your Facebook account.  It’s extremely simply to set up and easy to get used to.

On the downside, they only accept female clothing and accessories. Not to mention this is only a viable option for those in the United States.

2. ThredUP

What is it?

ThredUP is a simple way for someone to sell their clothes and make some extra cash, without making too much of a time commitment.  You simply send in your clothes, then they will inspect them, and if they meet their requirements, they will professionally photograph and list them for you.  ThredUP

Saving you the time and hassle.

They accept women’s clothing, accessories, and children’s clothes as well.

How much do they take?

They will pay you up to 80% of the retail value, depending on the quality and type of items that you send in.

The Ups and Downs

They send you a one of their bags that you can use to easily send in the clothes.

But if they do not accept the items that you send into them, you will be charged a $12.99 fee to have them sent back to you, otherwise they will be donated.

So be sure to do your own inspection before sending anything into them.

3. Twice

What is it? Twice is similar to the previous website due to the fact that they give you a bag and shipping label that will you can then send in your clothes.

There is no photographing, or listing needed because they pay you up front for the clothes that you sent in.

How much do they take? 

For this one, the question should be “how much do they give” seeing as they pay you upfront.  They don’t tend to give too much money for the clothes, and it is difficult to judge due to the fact that everyone sends in different items, and numbers of clothes.

The Ups and Downs

On the upside, they take more casual brands than other websites, and they also accept men’s clothing and accessories. They accept Ann Taylor, Gap, Express, and J. Crew,  but they will NOT accept any clothing from Walmart, or Old Navy.

On the downside, you won’t make as much money as you can from other places, and if they refuse the clothes you send in, there is $4.95 shipping fee to send them back, or they will be donated to Goodwill.

4. Thredflip

 What is it?

If you want the option of either listing your items yourself, or sending in the items to have them do it, then Thredflip is perfect for you.

You can either send them the items and have them, photograph and list them, or you can do it all yourself, it’s up to you. 

How much do they take?

This is one of the best parts of their service, they charge a 20% commission on the items that you sell whether you listed them or they did.

The Ups and Downs 

The 20% commission is a bit on the high side, but is well worth it if you take advantage of their listing services.

The downside is that there listing services seem to have a waiting list often due to all of the demand.


Making an Income Selling Clothes

So now that you know of some places where you can sell your clothes online (eBay works good as well), there is a way to make it into a constant stream of income.

When you’re selling your own clothes online you’re obviously going to eventually run out of things to sell, but there are a few tricks that you can use to bring in some extra cash whenever you need it, or to constantly have cash flowing in.

How to do it

It’s pretty simple actually, spend some time in places such as thrift shops, Goodwill, garage sales, and flea markets looking for some under priced clothes that you know will sell well on these sites.

As long as you know what brands normally sell at what price, you’ll easily be able to find clothes for well under the price that you can sell them for.


  1. If you are looking to make a decent amount of cash selling used clothes, it’s a good idea to not be lazy.  Sell them on sites like Poshmark, Thredflip, or even eBay, where will make more money because you put in the effort to take the photos make the listing, and even ship it yourself.
  2. Make sure you do your research.  Look on the sight that you are planning to sell on to get an idea of how much you will make, before even buying it.
  3. After you purchase the item, iron it out, and take a good photo of it.  A good photo is one of the easiest ways to get something to sell fast.  Hang it on a white wall, or set it on a white bed sheet and make sure it has great natural light on it.

If you’re willing to put in the work and extra effort, it is definitely possible to add a new stream to your monthly income by selling clothing online.

My #1 Recommended Way to Make Money Online

Although selling clothes online can be a great way to make some extra cash online, it is a lot of work to constantly go out to various stores and spend hours searching for outfits that will make you a few bucks profit.

It’s a lot easier to sit on your computer, write about something that you are interested in, and bring in plenty of extra cash.  Now I’m not trying to say that it is easy, but compared to selling clothing online, it’s great.

Wealthy Affiliate is a website where you can go to learn how to make plenty of extra cash online by easily setting up a website (it’s easier than you might think).  They walk you through step-by-step how to do everything, and the best part is that it is free to join.

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