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Instant Profits Machine Review: Will You Get Scammed?

Will you actually make $118.55 per day by following the “copy & paste” method that Instant Profits Machine teaches? In this review I will be diving into what this system is really about.

Instant Profits MachineInstant Profits Machine Review

Product: Instant Profits Machine


Creator: Gavin Birchall

Price: $5.95 + Up-sells

Verdict: Avoid

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What Is Instant Profits Machine?

Instant Profits Machine is a training product that claims if you copy & paste their 15 minute method, you will start making at least $100 a day online.

It is a video course that claims any newbie can watch the training, do 15 minutes of work and start seeing paychecks come in.

The course mainly revolves around using a free traffic hack that will allow you to get your affiliate products sold.

What It Really Is

Instant Profits Machine is basically just a repackaged digital product that I have seen and reviewed dozens of times.

They come up with some catchy name, claim they have some secret trick only they know and that it is incredibly easy to make hundreds or thousands of dollars everyday online.

I’ve been reviewing products like these for quite some time now and they are all basically the same.

Copy Paste Profits is incredibly similar to this product and it just so happens that it was created by Billy Darr. (The first testimonial on the IPM sales page)

These programs are created solely for the purpose of making the creators and their affiliates as much money as possible on low quality products.

What Does It Include?

It basically comes with some training videos and a few bonuses.

Training Videos

They walk you through their process and show you how to set up their system.

Bonus #1: YouTube Celebrity System

Gives you information about growing a following for your YouTube channel.

Bonus #2: Mystery Bonus

A secret system that will supposedly get you making FAST-CASH

Bonus #3: 6 Figures/Year Training

A step-by-step guide that apparently walks you through the process of easily setting up a 6 figure a year system.

I wonder why they wouldn’t make that the main product? I mean apparently it’s super simple and easy to set up and will make you more than the main product will…

Pros and Cons

I always take the time to try and find some positive things to say about all of the products I review.

Sometimes it’s easier than others…


  • You might be able to make some money
  • The training is easy to follow


  • You won’t make as much as they say
  • It won’t be as quick as they say
  • This same info can be found elsewhere for free
  • Little to no support
  • Up-sells

I guess that wasn’t too difficult.

The Up-Sells

After you purchase the product you will be hit with a few much more expensive items that you will probably need to make the money they claim you can.

Instant Profits Machine Up-sells

Up-Sell #1:($17)

A case study showing the commissions that they make using the system and 5 done for you campaigns and 1 DFY review site.

Up-Sell #2:($27)

Training about low hanging fruit. 15 DFY campaigns and 3 sites.

Up-Sell #3:($47)

Training about offline clients. 30 DFY campaigns and 5 Sites.

Personal Thoughts

To be completely honest, Instant Profits Machine isn’t THAT terrible, I’ve seen much worse.

However, I’m just tired of seeing products like this one miss lead people about what to expect when it comes to making money online.

You’re not going to see money start flowing in the next day or week, and it’s going to take much much more than 15 minutes of work.

Not to mention it only seems cheap because of the low entry price, but you will have to spend more money on the up-sells just to have a chance at seeing the profits they do.


I can’t call Instant Profits Machine a scam because you will get something in return for your money, and you won’t get hacked.

However, it is basically just copy & pasted from several other products that I have seen and reviewed in the past.

You aren’t going to get some secret information that you can’t find somewhere else on the internet for free.

And you certainly aren’t going to start making $100 a day within the first week by only doing 15 minutes of work.

Overall I ultimately think you should

Instant Profits Machine.

What I Recommend

Seeing products like this really makes me happy that I found a training program like Wealthy Affiliate!

Just take a couple minutes to read about it and I promise you won’t look back at a program like Instant Profits Machine.

I’m not even going to say anything else about WA, just click the link to read about them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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