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Is Online Jobs Now A Scam

Is Online Jobs Now A Scam? Proof You Should Avoid It!

In this Online Jobs Now review I’ll be going over what it is, and telling exactly why you should avoid it!

Is Online Jobs Now A ScamOnline Jobs Now Review

Product: Online Jobs Now

Creator: Kelly Simmons


Price: $47

Verdict: Scam!


What Is Online Jobs Now About?

Online Jobs Now claims to be a work at home system that can help you make up to $379/day from home.

But what is it really?

It’s actually what’s known as a link posting scam!

They claim that you just post some links where they tell you to, and you’ll start raking in cash.

Well that’s not true and I’m about to go over why!

It sounds real because it is based on some truth, however they are wrong about how you actually do it!

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Pros And Cons

Before I dive too deep into a system I like to list out the good and bad things about it. There isn’t much good about this one!


  • In theory you can make a little money


  • Not On TV like they claim
  • Fake TV News Clip
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Same Old Scam With Different Name
  • Link Posting Doesn’t Work Anymore

Now let’s take some time to go over each of these points individually!

Not On TV Like They Claim

At the very top of the sales page you can see an image that claims they have been featured on various news stations.

Is Online Jobs Now a scam

That’s just a complete lie.

I know this because for a living I learn about online money making tactics, then write about them and implement them.

I would be one of the first people to know about this system if it truly was as easy and popular as they claim.

Not to mention I’m pretty sure you and everyone else you know would’ve already heard about it if it was all over the news.

Fake TV News Spot!

I know that the video at the top of the page can be quite convincing because it seems like they are talking about Online Jobs Now.

However if you watch through it you’ll realize that they never once actually say the name “Online Jobs Now.”

That’s just a generic old TV news spot that they show on a bunch of different scams!

I say different scams because this website is the same as a bunch of other scams, but just with a different name.

Same Scam/Different Name

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making programs and scams, and I’ve come across this same website dozens of times.

If you want some proof, you can find it by looking over some of these other reviews I’ve written!

Secure Job Position, Home Job Placement, and Home Job Position; those are just a few of them!

Here’s a few of the images from those websites!

Is home job position a scam? Secure Job Position Scam

Link Posting Doesn’t Work Anymore

At one point in time you could actually make some money online by posting links like they teach you.

Back then you would just spam people, and websites with your links and make money when people clicked on them.

However times have changed and that method won’t work anymore!

It doesn’t work because websites now block all of these spam links, and when they don’t people have learned not to click on them!

How I Make Money Online

Like I said earlier, what they say in the sales page has some truth throughout it.

You can make money by getting people to click on links, if they then buy something from that website.

That’s exactly how I make my living online.

However if you want to actually make money with your links, you have to know how to get them in front of a lot of people who are interested in it.

Just spamming links doesn’t work anymore, and it won’t work ever again!

You can click here if you want to read more about how I get my links in front of people.

Or you can click here to learn about the training platform that helped me make enough online to quit my job!

Is Online Jobs Now A Scam?

Hopefully I’ve given you enough information to prove that Online Jobs Now is in fact a


I didn’t even go into how all of the testimonials are fake quotes with stock photos of people. Or how there really aren’t a limited number of spaces available.

That’s because I don’t think I really need to in order to prove my point!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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