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Survey Savvy Scam Review

Is Survey Savvy A Scam? Worth Your Time? [Honest Review]

Are you wondering if Survey Savvy is a good place to invest your time, or if it’s good place to waste your time? I’ll be covering everything you need to know in this honest review.

Regardless of wether Survey Savvy is a scam or not, there are better ways to make money online!

Survey Savvy Scam ReviewSurvey Savvy Review

Product: Survey Savvy


Price: Free

Is Survey Savvy A Scam? NO!

Is Survey Savvy Worth Your Time? Not Really…


What Is Survey Savvy?

Survey Savvy is a market research company that was established back in 1999.  Which is honestly much older than many of the new survey websites I’ve reviewed in the past.

They conduct research that companies are interested in and use to better their various products and services.

So what does all of that mean to you?

Well it means that they will pay you money to answer some questions that companies are interested in asking!

How It Works

Well the entire process is actually pretty simply and not very complicated at all.

Survey Savvy gets paid to give you question answers to various companies, then they turn around and give some of that money to you.

You simply sign up by filling out the normal information about yourself like your name, email, country, address DOB and a few other things.

After that you’ll have to fill out your Member Profile by answering some questions about yourself.

This is important because it helps them match you up with surveys that are looking for your demographic.

If you aren’t accurate with these details, you’ll just receive a bunch of surveys that you’ll be disqualified from.

Which is obviously something that you don’t want.

How Much Money Will I Make?

This is one of the main questions and problems that I hear about any and every survey website.

Unfortunately, the answer is almost always the same… not very much.

The amounts that you’ll get paid will vary widely from survey to survey depending on the length and how in depth it is.

The survey will most-likely pay you between $0.50 to a couple of bucks, which is usual for many survey websites.

Keep in mind that you are more-likely to get the cheaper ones that the ones that pay more.

There are also various contests you’ll be entered in for a chance to win around $500.

How You’ll Get Paid

The surveys that you’ll be taking aren’t included with money, they are paid in points. Which are redeemable for money.

Once you accumulate a dollars worth of points, you can the cash them in and request a payment.

Your payment will be sent through the mail, which is honestly not something that I am personally in favor of.

I prefer the ability to have it deposited into a PayPal account because it’s faster and easier to access.

Survey Connect App

According to Survey Savvy, US members will earn $5/per month per device for installing the SavvyConnect App.

Survey Savvy Scam Review

This sounds like a great deal, however I’ve come across quite a few complaints about the app.

First I’ve read lots of complaints about it being very invasive because it records market research through the things you do on your phone.

For example your internet browsing habits and who knows what else. Personally I’m not a fan of this, but I’m sure some people out there won’t care.

Another complaint I’ve seen is that the App will drain your mobile devices batteries incredibly quickly, and slow down all of your other devices.

This is not something I’ve personally tried, however it is certainly something for you to consider.

Survey Savvy Complaints

Most of the complaints I’ve come across are pretty much the basic ones that you hear for every survey site.

Not Enough Pay

There honestly isn’t much money to be made by taking online surveys, however I’ve seen some heavier complaints about Survey Savvy.

There are people who complain about not being paid at all, but I like to think that these are simple mistakes.

However they are still worth noting.

Disqualified From Surveys

Like I mentioned earlier, you can be disqualified from a survey if you don’t meet the demographic requirements.

Normally the first few questions of a survey are meant to figure out if the survey is right for you.

However I’ve seen complaints that Survey Savvy will make you answer a whole ton of questions before disqualifying you.

So you’ll spend quite a bit of time answering questions, and then not get any money for it.

Is Survey Savvy A Scam? – Conclusion

I’ve seen a lot of scams online in my time, and I personally wouldn’t consider Survey Savvy to be one.

With that being said, it is definitely not perfect, and there are a lot of people who consider it a scam.

There are a lot of complaints from people about them not paying, or doing other shady things to get information without paying.

Personally I think that all survey websites are just a waste of time.

You’ll be giving them hours of work and information just for the opportunity to make a few extra bucks.

I started out making money online with surveys, that was until I found out how to make real money online!

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Is Survey Savvy A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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