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Fast Income Generator Scam Review

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam Or Legit? It’s A Scam…

A couple days ago a close friend of mine received a phone call claiming to be from Amazon about open job positions.

That friend went to the website that they told them to sign up at, and that website directed them to Fast Income Generator.

They decided to ask me about it seeing as I know a lot about making money online, so I decided to write a full review about it.

Fast Income Generator Scam ReviewFast Income Generator Review

Product: Fast Income Generator

Website: Various Websites

Price: $47

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? Yes!

Is Fast Income Generator Recommended? No!


What Is Fast Income Generator?

The Fast Income Generator looks like a legitimate article claiming to have an incredible new way of making money online using Amazon.

They claim that it’s a work at home opportunity that Amazon offers, and you’ll be able to make up to $500 per day with it.

The opportunity opportunity that they claim you’ll have to apply for is called Amazon Cash Websites, however it is nothing like it seems.

Within this review I’ll be diving deeper into the scam funnel that this “system” leads you into.

Stay tuned!

The Pros & Cons

Whenever writing a review I always try to be fair and come up with good things to say about each program, however I have nothing good to say about this one.


  • Nothing


  • Just Another Scam Renamed
  • Funnels You To Another Scam
  • They Just Want Your Money
  • Simply Unrealistic Claims

Over the next several sections I’ll be taking some time to go further into detail about what I mean with the points listed above.

Just Another Scam Renamed

Amazon Cash Websites Scam ReviewAs soon as my friend told me about this “opportunity” I checked out the website and immediately told them to stay away.

The reason that I was able to tell them so quickly was because I recognized the look of the website because it was the same as another scam.

Amazon Cash Websites is a scam that I wrote a review on a few weeks ago.

It is the exact same website and article as Fast Income Generator, it just has a different name at the top.

They just changed it because it came out that Amazon Cash Websites was a scam.

The not so funny part about them both, is that they link you to a completely different scam.

Funnel To Another Scam

If you read through the article on the website, you might’ve realized that nearly all of the links on the page send you to something called MSWSystem.

Also known as Money Sucking Websites; which is another scam you should avoid that I wrote a whole review about here!

All of these websites are setup to simply lead you into a program that will take as much money from you as it can.

MSW System Scam Review

They Just Want Your Money

This is simple scam that will basically say or do anything to get as much money out of you as they can.

Money Sucking Websites uses a bunch of shady sales tactics, and straight up lies in order to get your money.

In my review for it I pointed out that they use completely fake testimonials, and even fabricated a creator just so they could hide their identities.

Unrealistic Claims

I make my living online by building websites, so I know a thing or to about making money online to say the least.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that even though it is certainly possible to make money online, it’s not as simple, quick, or easy as they claim.

They make it seem like you’ll just be pushing a few buttons to launch a website and you’ll be rich.

That’s simply ridiculous.

You might get a website after signing up, but that website won’t get any visitors, which means it won’t make any money.

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam?

Fast Income Generator is just one piece of a much larger scam that has probably taken a lot of money from a lot of people.


Don’t trust anything that they say, and certainly don’t give them your money.

I know it is only $47 at the start, but I’d be willing to bet that they will keep trying to get more and more money out of you down the line.

Actually Make Money Online!

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Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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