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Greedy Mentor Scam Review

Is Greedy Mentor A Scam? 5 Reasons To Avoid It! [Review]

In this review for Greedy Mentor I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before pulling out your money.

Will you actually be able to make anywhere near $1,000 per day, or are they just trying to get your money?

One thing I want to point out first is that the Greedy Mentor website will not be shutdown tonight at midnight, so take your time and read through this review.

Let’s dive in and find out!

Greedy Mentor Scam ReviewGreedy Mentor Review

Product: Greedy Mentor


Price: $67

Is Greedy Mentor A Scam? Probably

Is Greedy Mentor Recommended? NO!


What Is Greedy Mentor?

Greedy Mentor claims to be an incredible program created by Meaghan Harper that can make you thousands of dollars online.

They claim that you are part of a select few people who have been invited to join this incredible program.

Apparently you’ll be able to make $1,000+ each and everyday just from doing about 15 to 20 minutes of work.

If that sounds too good to be true to you, that’s probably because it is.

What Is Greedy Mentor Really?

In reality Greedy Mentor is a “program” that is simply trying to lie and mislead you into giving them your money.

It’s a get rich-quick scheme that’s just telling you everything you want to hear to get you excited enough to get out your wallet.

You shouldn’t trust anything they tell you on the website, and over these next few sections I’ll be giving you several reasons why not.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things that I could come up with about Greedy Mentor.

Greedy MentorPros:

  • Nothing


  • Just Like Other Schemes
  • Ridiculous Income Claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Creator
  • Not Enough Information

Throughout the next several sections I’ll be taking the time to go further in depth about what exactly I mean with the points listed above!

#1: Just Like Other Schemes

The truth is that as soon as I arrived at the sales page for Greedy Mentor, I knew that it was just another scheme.

That’s because I’ve seen and reviewed systems in the past that looked exactly like this one.

Your Freedom Mentor, and Seven Figure Profit Code are both “systems” I reviewed in the past and they both looked almost exactly like Greedy Mentor.

Your Freedom Mentor Scam Review

Seven Figure Profit Code

Both of the above program were outed as scams, so they just changed the names and relaunched them in order to keep tricking people.

#2: Ridiculous Income Claims

Greedy Mentor Income ClaimsI know it sounds amazing to be able to make $1,000+ per day almost immediately without doing much work. But the truth is that it’s simply not going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely possible to make good money online, I even make my living online.

However it is simply not going to happen overnight, and it’s not going to happen from you only putting in 15 to 20 minutes of work.

If you come across anything that claims you can make a ton of money overnight, you should immediately be suspicious of it.

Hopefully if you’re reading this review it means that you were.

#3: Fake Testimonials

One thing that can be very convincing is seeing other people claim that they’ve made a ton of money with a program.

That’s exactly why the creators of these schemes go out of their way to pay people to create fake testimonials.

The truth is that I’ve seen all of those people in various scams and schemes all over the internet.

Greedy Mentor Fake Testimonials

The AZ Code Actor

Most of them are actors who can be found on a website called Fiverr. They’ll read a script you send them as long as you pay them.

#4: Fake Creator

Greedy Mentor Fake CreatorMeaghan Harper just so happens to be a the exact same name used in the other two scams that I mentioned earlier in this review.

The simple truth is that the creator of this “system” uses a fake name and stock photo.

They obviously do not want to associate their real name and image with this program.

Most-likely because they know that no one is going to like it.

#5: Not Enough Information

One other thing I want to take a minute to point out is that they don’t tell you anything about what you’ll actually be getting.

If I’m going to shell out $67 for something, I want to at least know what I’ll be doing, and what I’ll be getting.

Will I get access to some training videos that show me how to make money online?

If so, how many videos is it, and what exactly will they be teaching me?

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making programs, and all of the legitimate ones tell you what you’ll be getting.

I mean, my Top Ranked Program evens let’s you try them out completely free without you even having to get out your wallet.

Greedy Mentor is just making a ton of ridiculous promises without telling you anything about itself.

Bonus Reason: The Disclaimer

Okay, so if you are still haven’t been convinced that you should avoid Greedy Mentor, I have one last thing that should hopefully change your mind.

If you take a second to scroll down to the bottom of the sales page, you’ll see a disclaimer that you should read through.

If you don’t want to go to the sales page, I took a screenshot of it that you can see below.

Greedy Mentor Disclaimer

The main thing that you need to take away from the disclaimer is the part that I highlighted.

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

They put that disclaimer in their to cover themselves just in case someone actually tries to sue them.

Is Greedy Mentor A Scam?

I didn’t actually shell out the $67 to actually purchase Greedy Mentor simply because of all of the reasons I listed out above.

I can’t with 100% certainly call it a complete scam, however I can say that it will absolutely not live up to the claims it makes.

You will not make thousands of dollars from only working 15 to 20 minutes, and I honestly doubt you’ll make any money at all.


As I’m sure you’ve already realized, I am going to suggest that you completely avoid Greedy Mentor.

You’re only going to be disappointed if you give them your money.

Did you purchase Greedy Mentor?

Let me know what happened and what your thoughts are about it in the comments below!

Actually Make Money Online!

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Is Greedy Mentor A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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16 thoughts on “Is Greedy Mentor A Scam? 5 Reasons To Avoid It! [Review]”

    • I know. unfortunately new scams like this one pop up just about everyday online, so it’s almost impossible to track them all in order to shut them down. Not to mention when one is shutdown, they normally just change the name and start it back up again.

  1. I listened to the information given by “Meghan Harper.” I was not impressed because she (?) is to smooth. I wanted find out more so I searched and found your website. Thanks for the warning.
    They said it won’t cost you a penny. Yet at the end they want $67.

  2. Not only did I fall for Greedy Monitor but after signing up their website directed me to a “Hosting Company”.
    Beings I am an old 79 (intelligent, so I thought) was waltzed into purchasing a fabulous hosting company that
    promised 100,000 possible jerks like me. They had stipulated, in their offerings, one years hosting (exposure)
    for $14.99 a month for twelve months. The annual cost would have been $297.+ . I checked off the 14.99 for twelve months for their “Platinum” program. Low and behold, they had charged my C/C for $316.+!!! Boy did smoke began to come out of my ears. I immediately contacted Capital One and disputed the charges. I sure hope I get the credit I deserve, otherwise I’ll chalk it up as EDUCATION!!!

  3. I was tempted to try this program but I just wanted to check the reviews before I give my money based on this info I don’t think I will maybe I will look into your program Thank you Nicey

    • I actually hadn’t heard of that program before but I just did a little bit of research on it, and it doesn’t look too good. It appears as if it’s similar to some other scams that I’ve reviewed in the past. They claim that you can make a ton of money by sending them in some paperwork, but you have to include cash with it to pay for “processing” or something. Then they just keep your money and never respond. I could be wrong, but it certainly appears to be something you should steer away from, or at least proceed with extreme caution!

  4. Scam! Don’t fall for it they asked me about all my credit cards savings and checking etc. Then when I told them I would not tell them how much I had in savings they put someone else on the phone.

  5. Jes! I paid already $67 for registration fee. Since then I have been calling the number goes through but no answer. This is the third time am dealing with scams. Greedy mentor is less to compare to “accelerated web solution”. I paid close to $800 to this particluar site in quotes. Please can help me verify if accelerated web solution is also a scam? Cos since I paid that money there have been on my back hesting me to pay for this reason or that reason. I decided to keep them pending. Now this time is greedy mentor. Actually my fear is that they should withdraw everything in my account since it was with my debit card I used in paying the deal. Thank u my dear please need your advice. My heart Is so heavy right now

  6. Interesting how initial fees are so different. I paid $3200 US or $4200 Canadian to purchase a training program. After reading the above comments, I am now very worried about getting my money back. My husband and I are both seniors and live on pensions so cannot afford to assume this debt.


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