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Bitcoin Profit Scam Review

Is Bitcoin Profit A Scam? BTC Profit Now [Scam Review]

In this quick scam review of Bitcoin Profit I’ll be going over all of the reasons why you should completely avoid this scam!

Will you be able to make thousands or millions of dollars with this program?

Let’s dive in and go over why you won’t!

Bitcoin Profit Scam ReviewBitcoin Profit Scam Review

Product: Bitcoin Profit / BTC Profit Now


Price: $250 Minimum Deposit

Is Bitcoin Profit A Scam? Yes!

Is Bitcoin Profit Recommended? NO!


What Is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit claims to be a new incredible cryptocurrency trading software that easily and quickly make you a ton of money online.

Bitcoin started blowing up in value last year causing a lot of people to become rich basically overnight.

Ever since then other people have been trying to cash in on the trend and make as much money as possible out of it.

That’s why scams like Bitcoin Profit have popped up all over the internet trying to take advantage of people who don’t know much about it.

Throughout the rest of the review I’ll be going over reasons why you should completely avoide Bitcoin Profit!

How Bitcoin Profit Scams You

At first it might seem like you can’t lose any money seeing as the software is completely free, however that’s not the case.

Even though the “software” is technically free, they will still force you to make a minimum $250 deposit in order to use it.

They claim that you have to invest money with a broker in order to start trading with the software, however this doesn’t make sense.

If you’ve ever traded Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency then you’ll know that there is no need for a broker.

If you deposit the $250, there is a good chance that you’ll never be able to see that money ever again.

The Pros & Cons

Normally this is where I list out the good and bad things about a program, but in this case there are only bad things…

Bitcoin Profit Pros:

  • Nothing


  • Lies & Misleading Information
  • It’s not Even Crypto Trading
  • Binary Options A Dangerous
  • Fake Testimonials

Over the next several sections I’ll be going further into detail about what I mean with all of the points listed out above.

Lies & Misinformation

Where do I even start with this one? There are just so many lies and misleading claims made throughout the video, and on the page.

There are a ton of crazy claims saying you can make thousands of dollars. My main problem with them is that they aren’t even consistent.

In the beginning of the sales video they claim the people who have used it so far have make $10,000 just within a few hours.

Bitcoin Profit Income ClaimsHowever when you scroll down a popup at the top appears saying you can make up to $3,212 a month.

So which is it? Will you make $10,000 within hours, or only $3,212 in a month?

The truth is that it’s neither, you won’t make any money with this system.

In fact, it’s not even what they claim it is.

It’s Not Even Bitcoin Trading!

The idea behind trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that you purchase it for a cheaper price than you trade it.

However that’s not what you’ll be doing if you sign up for Bitcoin Profit.

With Bitcoin Profit you’ll be basically making bets about whether Bitcoin will rise or fall within a set time frame.

This is called Binary Options trading, and it is one of the most risky things you can do with your money.

How do I know it’s binary options trading?

There are several ways, but the main one is that they are trying to get you to deposit $250 into a brokerage account.

This is something that you don’t need to do in order to trade Bitcoin, and something every binary option scam makes you do.

Binary Options Are Incredibly Dangerous

First off I want to point out that there is a good chance that you won’t even actually be trading anything with this software.

Most software like this will just completely fake the trading process and make it seem like you lost it all so they can keep your money.

Some will do even worse and make it seem like you’ve won a ton of money, then claim you have to deposit more money before getting your winnings.

However it’s super dangerous even if you actually are trading binary options.

Basically you will be making a bet as to whether a certain stock, in this case Bitcoin, will rise or fall in value within a set time.

Normally this time frame will only be like 5 minutes.

The problem is that it is impossible to accurately guess whether a stock will rise or fall in such a small amount of time.

It’s simply random…

Therefore you are basically betting hundreds of dollars on a coin flip.

Except if you win you’ll win less then you bet, and if you lose you’ll lose it all.

The odds are stacked against you.

Bitcoin Profit Fake Testimonials

The last thing I want to point out before I leave is that fact that the people claiming to have made thousands of dollars are just actors.

I know it can be super convincing when you see a testimonial from someone claiming that something works.

However now a days you can go to different websites and pay people to say just about whatever you want.

Bitcoin Profit Fake TestimonialsBitcoin Profit Actor

The top image is the testimonial being made, and the bottom one is a screenshot of proof that he is a paid actor who will read a script for a small amount of money.

Is Bitcoin Profit A Scam? –  Conclusion

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Bitcoin Profit is a complete scam!

It is exactly like dozens of other scams that have popped up this past year trying to take advantage of the Bitcoin craze.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out my reviews about Bitcoin News Trader, Bitcoin Wealth Club, and The Bitcoin Code.

They are all scams that have taken thousands of dollars from a whole lot of people!

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Is Bitcoin Profit A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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