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Is A Scam? Yes, Here’s Why! [Review]

In this review of I’ll be giving you everything you need to know about them, and telling you why they are a scam! Scam Scam Review

Product: Duty Money

Creator: Unknown


Price: Free

Is A Scam? YES!


What Is is a website that claims to let you earn money online by getting other people to join their program.

I imagine you probably stumbled on Duty Money the same way I did.

I saw someone posting a link claiming that I could make money online by simply signing up and posting some links.

Either you came right here to see if it’s real or not, or you tried it out and are now wondering how to get your money.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Duty Money is a scam, and I’ll be going over why.


The Pros And Cons

Even though this is a scam, I still want to try to be as fair as possible and list out both the good and bad things about it.


  • Free To Join


  • You Won’t Get Your Money
  • They’ll Sell Your Information
  • You’ll be Wasting Time
  • Same As Other Scams
  • You Could Lose Money

Now I’ll take a bit of time to go over exactly what I mean with all of the points I listed!

How To Get Paid

The simple and unfortunate truth is that you won’t be able to get the money that you earned.

When you try to cash out they will just give you a run around and not let you get your money out.

It will either say that it’s not working at this time, or they’ll say that you need to complete some other task to get it.

No matter how many tasks you do, they will not give you your money.

I know it sucks, but at least you didn’t lose any money, well hopefully!

You Could Lose Money

This is something that you need to be aware of! Even though it’s free to join, you could possibly lose money.

You had to put in an email address and password to sign up your account.

Did you happen to use the same email address and password that you use for PayPal or a bank account?

If you did you better make sure that you change them, because many websites like this will sell your email and password!

This means that the person who purchases it may try your email and password combination on various websites.

How The Scam Works

Scams like this get very popular because they claim that you can make a ton of money by getting other people to join.

Since you don’t have to pay anything to join, everyone signs up and promotes it to everyone they know.

The problem is that no one is paying any money, so where do you think Duty Money gets the money to pay everyone?

They simply don’t, that’s why no one gets paid.

This website is set up for the sole purpose of getting the emails, passwords, and other information from as many people as possible.

They will then turn around and sell that information to the highest bidders.

Same As Other Scams

I didn’t personally try out Duty Money, but that’s because I know for certain it is a scam!

I know that because I’ve come across several of websites just like this one in the past.

Is Dollars Plug A Scam?

My PC Job, Fix Monthly Income and Duty On Time are basically the same websites, with different pictures, different names, and slightly different designs.

That’s honestly only a few of the ones I’ve reviewed in the past.

Is A Scam?

Yes is a


There isn’t really much else to say about it!

What I Recommend!

If you want to actually make money online by getting people to click on links then I have a suggestion for you!

Legitimate companies out there like Amazon and Best Buy will pay you if you get people to click your link to their website, if that person makes a purchase.

That’s actually how I make my living online!

Anyone can do it as long as they get the proper training, tools and support.

You can get started for free with all three of those things in the same place I get them!

If you are interested in learning more, you can


Is A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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