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Is A Scam?

Is A Scam?: 4 Reasons To Avoid It! [Review]

In this quick review of I’ll be telling you everything you need to know and giving you 4 reasons why you should avoid it!

Is A Scam?

Is A Scam? Scam Review

Product: Coin 4 Job


Price: Free To Join

Is Coin 4 Job A Scam? Yes!

Is Coin 4 Job Recommended? NO!


What Is claims to be a place where you can earn $540 a week online while only working part time.

Apparently all you have to do is share a referral link on your social media platforms, and you’ll earn $5 per visit!

However the honest truth is that they aren’t going to pay you a single cent.

The Pros And Cons

Even when I’m almost absolutely certain that a system is a scam I still try to write something good about it.


  • Free To Join


  • They Won’t Pay You
  • Just Like Other Scams
  • Your Information Is At Risk
  • Mistakes & Contradictions

Over the next few sections I’ll be giving a bit more information about the points listed above.

They Won’t Pay You!

I know it sounds incredible to be able to make 5 bucks for simply getting someone to click on your referral link.

I mean think how much money you could make if you shared your link in the comment section of a viral YouTube video.

However the simple truth is that all of the money that you accumulate in your account is simply fake.

After reaching the $300 cash out threshold they will simply give you a run around and then lock your account.

They will say something like “before you get your money you first have to sign up for this other program.” and you still won’t get paid after that.

Eventually your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to access it.

I know this because I’ve seen this scam before.

Just Like Other Scams

I’ve seen and written reviews about a bunch of websites similar to this one, and none of them actually pay out.

Websites like Fix Monthly Income, DollarTell, and Duty Money all do this exact same thing!

There is simply no possible way for a program that is completely free to be able to pay it’s members that much money.

There are referral programs out there that will pay you to get people to sign up, but you’ll only get paid when your referral buys something, and you’ll get paid less than what they spent.

The program has to be able to make more money than it pays in order to survive.

Your Information Is At Risk

Coin4Job RegistrationThe whole purpose of is to get information from as many people as possible.

I’m sure you aren’t too worried about giving out your email address, but you also gave them a password.

I don’t know about you, but I used to use the same email address and password for just about all of my online accounts.

If you gave them an important email address and password, you might want to go change the password to all of your other accounts.

You should also be aware that you will probably start receiving scam emails, trying to get you to buy into things.

Mistakes & Contradictions

If I haven’t fully convinced you that this is a scam yet, hopefully this will open your eyes a little more.

Just take a quick look at the website, and think about whether it look professional or not.

Let’s see. First off, they constantly have the dollar sign behind every number. Mistakes

Also there are several contradictions when you look over their website. For example in one place it says “withdraw every week”, and almost directly next to it says “Payout is processed after every 2 weeks.”

I mean maybe they meant that it takes 2 weeks to process, but then in the frequently asked questions it says you get paid at the end of every month.

Not to mention you can’t even get cash seeing as it won’t let you change the withdrawal type from Bitcoin.

Is A Scam?

I want to make it clear that I didn’t actually try out this program, but that’s simply because I know it will be a waste of my time.

Normally when I don’t actually try something I won’t call it a scam, but in this case I will say that Coin4Job seems like a huge…


Even though it is free, you still stand to lose money doing the offers they claim you have to do in order to get your money.

Not to mention that you’ll be wasting your time, and time is money.

Actually Make Money Online

Like I mentioned earlier, there are referral programs out there that will pay you to get people to sign up for their products.

I actually make a living online taking advantage of these programs!

The trick is to get your links out in front thousands of people who are interested in joining the program that you’re recommending.

My Top Ranked Program will teach you how to build simple websites that will allow you to do exactly that.

If you are interested in learning more, you can…


Is A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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