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Is Xtreme Coin A Scam?

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam Or Legit? [Honest Review]

In this Xtreme Coin Review I’ll be going over what it is and answering the question “Is Xtreme Coin a scam?”

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams have been popping up all over the web lately due to the explosion of Bitcoin.

In this review I’ll be taking the time to go over Xtreme Coin, and telling if it’s something you should invest with.

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam?Xtreme Coin Scam Review

Product: Xtreme Coin

Creator: Unknown


Price: Depends

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam? Basically

Is Xtreme Coin Recommended? NO!


What Is Xtreme Coin?

The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has exploded lately, and Xtreme Coin claims to be a place where you can take advantage of that.

They have multiple packages where you can invest Bitcoin and then earn a fixed commission for it.

Looking through the different packages I’ve realized that this program suggests that they will give you back three times what you invest.

If that’s true, why wouldn’t you invest in it?

Well I’m going to explain why I won’t invest in it, and why you shouldn’t either.

But before I do I give you the chance to check out the program that helps me make my entire living online!


Pros And Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things about Xtreme Coin.


  • It might be possible to make money(unlikely)


  • No Evidence Of Payouts
  • Seems Like An Illegal Ponzi Scheme
  • Not Much Information

Now lets take a little bit of time to go over exactly what I mean with each of these points.

Will You Make Money?

I put that you might be able to make money with this program as the one and only pro.

However that is a huge MAYBE.

After doing a bunch of research I haven’t been able to find any definitive proof that they actually payout.

Yes you’ll be able to find some people claiming that they’ve made a ton of money with Xtreme Coin.

However those people have probably invested in the system and are trying to get their money back by getting others to join.

However once again, from the research I’ve done I’ve found nothing to prove that actually pay.

In fact I’ve seen a few places suggesting that they don’t

The Bitcoin Packages

If you decide to invest with Xtreme Coin, these are your options

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam?Sapphire:

  • .05 BTC investment
  • .15 Payout


  • .1 BTC investment
  • .3 Payout


  •  .25 BTC investment
  • .75 Payout


  • .5 BTC investment
  • 1.5 payout


  • 1 BTC investment
  • 3 BTC Payout

Blue Diamond:

  • 4 BTC investment
  • 12 BTC Payout

Xtreme Diamond:

  • 10 BTC investment
  • 30 BTC Payout

If you know about Bitcoin, some of these are ridiculous investments and the amounts will only rise as Bitcoin does.

Seems Like An Illegal Ponzi Scheme

The main reason that this entire thing seems like a Ponzi Scheme is because it focuses on getting other members to join.

You’ll make your money when you get a certain number of other people to join and upgrade.

Supposedly make money.

They don’t have a real product for you to be selling which means that it can’t even really be considered an MLM.

After joining the only thing that you’ll be trying to “sell” is the program itself to other people.

They try to make it seem like Bitcoin is the actual product, however this doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

The only thing that BTC has to do with this is that you’re paying with it instead of actual money.

Scams similar to this like Bitcoin Wealth Club, and Bitcoin Loophole have been trying to take advantage of people as well.

Not Much Information

After scouring through the website I still had very little information about the program.

I had no idea who the creators were, or even exactly how it worked.

I ended up doing a bunch more research just to find out a lot of the information that I’ve given you in this review.

And that’s honestly not that much information.

This is the main reason why I won’t invest in the system, and I suggest you don’t either.

I refuse to give money for a program when I don’t know what I’m getting myself into first.

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam?

Like I said, I haven’t actually given this system any of my money, so I can’t without a doubt say it’s a scam.

However due to all of the things I’ve pointed out in this review, I can absolutely suggest that you

Xtreme Coin!

I honestly believe that you’ll be throwing away your money.

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Is Xtreme Coin A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below! And Leave Any Questions You Might Have!

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