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Is My Optimized Success Plan A Scam? 6 Reasons To Avoid [Review]

In this quick review of My Optimized Success Plan I’ll be telling everything thing you need to know about it before paying.

I’ll also be giving you 6 reasons why I think you should avoid it.

Is My Optimized Success Plan A scam? Let’s Dive In!

My Optimized Success Plan Scam ReviewMy Optimized Success Plan Review

Product: My Optimized Success Plan


Price: $47

Is My Optimized Success Plan A Scam? Basically

Is My Optimized Success Plan Recommended? No!


What Is My Optimized Success Plan?

My Optimized Success Plan claims that you’ll be able to make thousands and thousands of dollars online without doing any work.

Apparently they will give you a “millionaire website” that will make you insane amounts of money basically right away.

In reality they are just trying to lie and mislead you into joining a completely different program.

There is a lot you’re going to want to know about this system, so let’s jump in.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things about this system.

My Optimized Success PlanPros:

  • You MIGHT be able to make money


  • Unrealistic Claims & Expectations
  • You Won’t Get A Millionaire Website
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Limited Positions Lie
  • Just Like Other Scams
  • It Could Be Anything

The points listed above are my 6 reasons for you to avoid this program, and over the next few sections I’ll be going further in depth about what I mean by them.

Unrealistic Claims & Expectations

The whole sales page and sales video are just riddled with claims that are meant to give you unrealistic expectations about making money online.

My Optimized Success Plan Expectations

It’s absolutely possible to make money online, however it takes plenty of time and effort if you want to succeed.

They claim that they are going to give you a millionaire website that will bring you in insane amounts of cash.

That’s simply a lie.

You Won’t Get A Millionaire Website

They claim that after paying you’ll receive a “millionaire website” that will earn you a ton of money automatically.

When in reality, you’ll be getting a website however it won’t be making millions; honestly it won’t even be making any money.

At best, you’ll get a crappy website that all of the other people who sign up for this program get.

It won’t be getting any visitors which means it won’t be making any money.

Fake Testimonials

Another thing I want point out is the fact that the testimonials you find on the check out page are completely fake.

The reason I know they are fake is because I’ve seen those exact same pictures on various other scams I’ve reviewed in the past.

They always use the same photos, but often times have different quotes next to them.

They are just random photos that the creators found online, and wrote a random testimonial next to it.

Limited Positions Lie

Limited Positions LieThis is another thing that many scams will do in order make it seem like you might miss out.

They claim that their is only a limited number of people who can join, and then say that they are almost all filled.

This is in an attempt to get you to sign up and pay quickly without taking the time to do the proper research, and to think about it first.

There are legitimate programs out there like Elite Blog Academy that only take in a set amount of people at a time, but they also don’t have all of the other shady problems and red flags.

Just Like Other Scams

When I first arrived at their website, I originally though that I already wrote a review about this program.

However after looking further into it, I just realized that I wrote a review for a program that just looks exactly like this one.

Is Online Success Plan A Scam

Online Success Plan looks almost exactly like My Optimized Success Plan; not to mention they even have similar names, and the exact same videos.

There are even other websites that look different, but have the same sales video and similar names like Ultimate Online Success Plan!

It Could Be Anything

Notice how the only places that actually says the name of the “program” you’re signing up for are at the top of the page, and written on the check out page.

They never say it in the sales video. That’s so that they can use the sales video on multiple websites for multiple products, and change them out when they want to.

This means that they can change out the program that you pay for at anytime, so there is no way of know what it will be.

After looking through their terms of use I’m lead to believe that you’ll be signing up for a program called MOBE.

Which is a high-ticket-program that can actually make you money, however you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to do so. Not to mention you’ll have to put in a whole lot of time and effort into it.

There is simply no guarantee that’s what you’ll be paying for, and even if it is, I certainly don’t recommend it.

Is My Optimized Success Plan A Scam?

I want to be clear and tell you that I didn’t actually spend the $47 to sign up for this program, and that because of all of the red flags I listed out above.

With that being said, I consider My Optimized Success Plan to be a scam simply because they completely lie, and mislead you into giving them your money.

Regardless of whether the program you’ll actually be getting is legit or not, it won’t be anything like they claim it is.

That’s why I recommend that you

My Optimized Success Plan.

I gave you 6 reasons why you should avoid it, and I honestly didn’t even cover everything that is shady about it.

What I Recommend!

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It take plenty of time and effort, but if you’re willing to work it is completely free to get started.

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Is My Optimized Online Success Plan A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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3 thoughts on “Is My Optimized Success Plan A Scam? 6 Reasons To Avoid [Review]”

  1. This is such a joke! Free, no strings attached? The first thing they do is ask you for $100! Shame on them for preying on desperate people!!

    • Unfortunately it’s very difficult to track down the people who make the scams like this one. Hopefully someone will do something about it, but new ones pop up almost everyday.


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